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Volume 1, No. 1

Interviews conducted by Cynthia Fitch

This month's question: What encouraging words do you tell your team (athletes) to help them get over a bad loss (game)?

Curtis Rempson – Matteson Bears JV Coach:
The first question I would ask each athlete is… “What positive outcome came from the loss?” Then I would say “let’s concentrate on the positives rather than the negative of the loss”. This helps kids understand how to turn a bad situation into a learning opportunity.
Mitch Hannah - Chicago Cardinals Pee-Wee Coach: I always tell them “this is only one game, we have more to go. There’s always tomorrow, no matter what happens when you step out on the field you are a Champion”! “What makes the grass grow”….and they reply…”Blood…Blood make the Grass Grow!”
Monica (Whoody-Wooo) Stevens - Matteson Bears Cheerleaders Director / Coach
No matter what believe in your dreams and continue to go after your goals.

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