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Amateur Sports News Network (ASNN) is a complete marketing and multimedia company with unique and affordable advertising opportunities. We strive to work with every company that wishes to impact their community and reach a loyal and passionate customer base that our products reach on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis.

Partnering with us, you can reach the valuable and elusive teen demographic in which we cover exclusively. Amateur Sports are a large participant-driven market opportunity.  Local communities get behind their teams and hometown heroes. In fact, nearly 1 million fans will crowd into high school football games this fall; just as much as the Chicago Bears achieve during their regular season home schedule. This opens the advertising opportunities up to almost every business in the community and allows them to deliver their message to a broad and loyal audience while showing support for the youth of tomorrow.

To request a media kit with pricing for any of our marketing products and services, click here or contact us at info@asnn365.com.

We have adopted a simple, advertising slogan: "Do it now. Do it today while the low rates are still offered! Why wait? It is easy, affordable and convenient."


Amateur Sports Magazine (ASM) is a full color, glossy sports magazine highlighting amateur athletes, coaches, organizations, and teams. Our  magazine is a free publication supported completely by the business community in the form of advertising. ASM will be delivered to local businesses and schools coverage in the market it is printed in. Companies looking to target a passionate and loyal customer base will be featured front and center on every page. Click here to review media kit.


Amateur Sports Magazine (ASM) is printed in the Chicagoland market.  Our magazine reaches over 100,000 readers on a monthly basis around the Chicagoland area. Our circulation numbers will vary.


Amateur Sports Magazine (ASM) offers a wide-range of advertising packages geared to just about every budget including print and Internet ads. Please click here to review Submission Guidelines for details.

3 print sizes of ads on a monthly basis
> Quarter Page (4x5)
> Half Page (5.5 x 8.5)
> Full Page (8.5x11)

Website Banners
> Various sizes available such as 120x40, 250x250, 468x60. Additional sizes are available as well.
> Pricing available for 30-60-90 day banners

NOTE: All art work is due by 45 days before our print month in high resolution 300dpi in PDF format.  Artwork should be sent via email to info@asnn365.com. If your file is too large to email, please contact us at 708-201-1781 to arrange delivery via our FTP (online computer) service.

Click here to review our print and digital schedule.

We also have a mobile service available to our target audience. For more information, click here.


Amateur Sports News Network (ASNN) will consist of a weekly broadcast of interviews, player highlights, organization profiles, etc.. via our podcast at KennelSportsTalk.com. ASNN offers sponsorship and advertising opportunities at a very affordable rate where you will be able to reach the community in which your business is located and surrounding areas.

For additional information, click here to view media kits, or to make an appointment with one of our sales representatives, please call 708-201-1781, or email us at info@asnn365.com.

ASNN taps into the passion with a professionally delivered web experience for both fans and advertisers.

On the Web estimates
over 100,000 monthly page views
70% 14-18 yr old athletes
78% between 14 and 21 yrs
80% male
85% actively involved in amateur sports
89% access from home

Site Highlights
Deep content on hundred of teams and organizations
Team Rankings
Rich, top-quality photography
Deep user-generated content
Community minded articles and discussions

To request a media kit with pricing for any of our marketing products and services, contact us at info@asnn365.com, or click here.

As our slogan states "Do it now. Do it today while the low rates are still offered! Why wait? It is easy, affordable and convenient."




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