Where Are They Now - Will-Cook-Kankakee Style?

by Prez Ro, Matteson, IL
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coming Christmas 2013

Most student-athletes have dreams of making it big show... the big stage... playing in front of thousands... fans asking for autographs... and of course, buying mom her dream house. Who doesn't want that kind of lifestyle?

It sounds amazing, but that kind of shift is a major adjustment that not all athletes are prepared for. In 2009, Sports Illustrated estimated that 78 percent of NFL players face serious financial problems within two years of retirement, and as many as 60 percent of NBA players are flat broke within five years of retirement. 

In addition, many athletes fall victim to their own financial mismanagement, the temptations of drugs and alcohol or just really bad decision making. Then there are the few that fall victim to all three and throw in something else terrible for good measure. 

On the flip side of all of that, are the athletes that make something out of themselves on the field, as well as off the field. We would like to explore and highlight those individuals. So, with that being said, we need your help...

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Send us an email on any student-athletes that came up through the ranks of Will-Cook-Kankakee over the years, and let us know, WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

To submit, click the submit button below, which will launch an email application. Please include a minimum of the following:

what team(s) they played / cheered for

high school attended

college(s) attended

academic accomplishments

awards, degrees, certifications, etc...

what are they doing now?

motto, slogan, words to live by...

old pictures as well as current ones

if possible, a way to contact them (i.e., E-Mail, phone number, Facebook, Twitter, etc..)

NOTE: Feel free to submit any additional information on past athletes that participated in the Will-Cook-Kankakee league.

Again, these student-athletes do NOT have to all be current day athletic warriors, we are also looking for the professionals, entrepreneurs, decision-makers, etc...

Our DEADLINE is August 26 by noon central time as well will publish these stories in our September online magazine...

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