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Amateur Sports News Network (ASNN), an extended-service of S.C. Fitch Enterprises, Inc., was created out of love for sports at all levels. Thus, our mission and vision was established to provide a non-bias media venue to showcase student-athletes achievements on, as well as off the field of play.

ASNN understands that no one goes it alone. . . Thus, we have incorporated an online community in order to highlight local athletes and organizations / programs in a manner they have not received.

We believe too often our children are brought to task for mistakes and mis-steps, and all to seldom receive praise for a job well done.  We also feel that the so-called mainstream media tends to focus on the negative events surrounding our youth, so we hope to use our  venue to praise, inspire, encourage and enrich our youth of today.

We're committed to helping you keep on top of the latest amateur sports business news, but we'd also like to hear what you have to say. By registering you will be able to comment on any of the articles you see, and share with your colleagues around the country your perspectives and opinions on the stories created by us. In addition, most everything you see on AmateurSports365.com is FREE. On occasion, we'll publish premium-level content written by our staff of experts and guest contributors which we do charge a modest fee for content. Click here to register on our mailing list.


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In order to achieve our mission and vision, we plan to provide the Chicagoland area with an ultimate gameday experience including highlighting local athletes, organizations, fans, parents, businesses, etc via streaming video and audio, articles, and blogs leveraged by technology.  Our site is truly designed for a place where the fan  meets journalism - where the Monday morning Quarterback meets the press box! We have created an online community where you, the fan or the athlete or the organization are encouraged to create and critique sports via our venue. If you would like to join our team, click here.


Here is your opportunity to stop hating the media and actually become it!

NOTE: Be sure to check out our FAQ area for specific questions... if your question isn't answered here, be sure to drop us an email at newsdesk@ASNN365.com

"I have always had a passion for sports. I invite you to join ASNN in highlighting student-athletes and organizations on our state-of-the-art website while we provide a media venue to showcase their talents," said Editor in Chief of ASNN, Steven Fitch. "ASNN will deliver an energetic, non-bias coverage of real-life stories of amateur  student-athletes and organizations in the Chicagoland area. We recognized that we are not a sports magazine about people, we are a people magazine about sports. And when you partner with us, EVERYBODY wins!"


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