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General Q&A
What is Amateur Sports?
Amateur Sports was created out of love for sports at all levels. Thus, our mission and vision was established to provide a non-bias media venue to showcase student-athletes achievements on, as well as off the field of play.

ASNN understands that no one goes it alone. . . Thus, we have incorporated an online community in order to highlight local athletes and organizations / programs in a manner they have not received. For more click here.

Why write for Amateur Sports?
New technologies have greatly expanded the availability of sports information on the Internet—and now more than ever, the tools of sports punditry are at the disposal of the masses. Amateur Sports aims to empower the most hardcore of experts—the fans—who would otherwise be shut out of the mainstream debate. By pooling the passion and expertise of a wide contributor base, Amateur Sports channels a mix of in-depth local coverage and breaking national news. This isn’t just any online sports site; with its professional standards and collaborative culture, Amateur Sports gives writers and photographers the resources they need to reach an audience of millions.

Amateur Sports can and will cover all the sports terrain it has access to. The only limit is you.

Who is allowed to write articles on Amateur Sports?
To put it simply, ANYONE!!!

How do I write an article?
Begin with just about any topic and just start typing. Upon it's completion, including spelling and grammar check, simply submit it to us.

NOTE: All articles should include...
•At least two paragraphs.
•If you are including photos, leave it in the document when you submit, as well as an attachment when emailing it to us.
•Now email the article to us... We'll review it, modify as needed including adding tags (hyperlinks) and inform you when we will use it.
Once we have uploaded it to our site, we'll send you a link to locate your piece on the network.

What should I write my article about?
Community members are encouraged to pursue a variety of goals in writing their pieces. Popular themes for articles include, but are not limited to:
•Game recap: How did your favorite (or least favorite) player/team perform in a given game? What do you feel explains the nature of their performance? What does it indicate about the season as a whole?
•Player/team analysis: What should your favorite (or least favorite) player/team do in order to improve? What explains their current and past performance?
•Personal take on player/team: Why is it that you like/dislike a particular team or player? Feel free to discuss both on-field performance and off field antics or traditions.
•Speculative/Predictive pieces: How will a given team (or teams in a particular division/league) perform this season? Who will that team select in an upcoming draft? Why or why not may a team decide to trade their star player?
•Historical comparison/nostalgic pieces: How is the game played differently today as compared to the past? What about the way the game is played today is worse/better than before? How should a particular player/team from the past be remembered? How do players of the past stack up to today’s players?
•Contemporary issues in sport: How do modern issues in sports reflect upon society in general, or vice versa? What is your take on that issue?
Authors are also encouraged to write satires, mock interviews, biographies, tributes, book reviews, poems, or just about anything else you can think of.

Any piece that is creative and original will most likely have an audience—don’t hold back! If you’re not sure whether or not your articles “belongs” on the network, rest assured: there is a home for every kind of sports article at Amateur Sports.

How long should my article be?
As far as the length, it's optional especially if your topic can lead a person back to your site and/or you. Now we don't expect a 12-page singled spaced dissertation... but, if you have a heavy topic that is that long, we would recommend you summarize it, and then provide an addition link to this dissertation for later use. Overall, we prefer NO more than 400 words and nothing too negative. Our target audience here at Amateur Sports is 12-18 and their parents plus various business owners.

What happens after I publish my article?
Once your article is published on the network, it will be automatically placed in an appropriate section of the site. You will then be provided with a link to locate your piece on the network.

Who can edit my article?
You (the author), as well as Amateur Sports editors, can make changes to your article. You also maintain the option of reverting back to earlier versions of your work as you deem appropriate.

How do I see what has been changed in my article after it’s been edited?
We'll email you a copy of our edits back to you before we upload the article to our site.

How do I erase comments from my article?
If you see a comment below your article that you feel is inappropriate or offensive, please contact us immediately at newdesk@ASNN365.com.

Who should I contact if I have questions about an article I am writing?
If you have questions about writing or the Amateur Sports editorial process at newdesk@ASNN365.com.

What is a tag?
Amateur Sports' site is organized by a system of tags. Tags are sports, leagues, teams, and players that are described within your article.

How do I add tags to my article?
At this time, after you submit your article to us, we'll develop the necessary tags for you article.

Who should I contact if I have questions about tags?
Questions about tags should be directed to our Editor at newdesk@ASNN365.com.

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