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Amateur Sports Magazine will be traditional published five times a year (Fall (2), Winter, Spring, Summer) and weekly via our web site. Our weekly publication will officially begin this fall (2011).

Our magazine provides our readers with various information surrounding everything "amateur" in the Chicagoland area, including all of the goodies you have come to expect from a sport magazine and site: scores, statistics, updates, schedules, profiles, action shots, interviews, etc... plus insight from former players, new rules and policies, as well as educational challenges and information.

What is Amateur Sports News Network (ASNN)?
is our web version of our magazine. ASNN is an independent voice chronicling amateur sports news, commentary, interviews, photo galleries, products and services, and more.  We celebrate the life and times of all athletes, regardless of race or gender. We strive, for example, to give women's sports and fans solid, unbiased coverage. We are also dedicated to preserving the history of sports. You will often find on our site, as well as in print, stories from yesteryear and a reflect of great moments in sports history.

What are the benefits of subscribing to your magazine?
We have incorporated that information as well as a smorgasbord of extra features:

access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round
online access to exclusive behind the scenes stories
in between our printed magazine, you will have exclusive, access to our E-News, The Amateur Sports update
access to an electronic copy of the magazine before it hits resellers and stores
access to the editor to submit your own stories and/or story ideas
affordable advertising
exclusive Podcast (audio) access
mobile (smart) phone / PDA access
advance notice of events
trends and innovation with new sporting products and services
secure, friendly payment center via Internet
discount on certain events sponsored by ASNN
online fantasy sports games (free)
Video streaming

How do I advertise?
Amateur Sports Magazine offers a variety of advertising options to fit your needs.  We pride ourselves on developing targeted advertising programs, bringing your message to our dedicated readers.  For rates, specifications, and additional information, click here, or email us at info@ASNN365.com.

Who are our writers?
  Let me say it again - YOU! That's right... we are a community-minded publication that allows our sports readers and participants to contribute to topics, stories, events, interviews, etc... which provides a unique perspective, in most cases, live from the trenches. In addition, we do feature our own in house staff of writings who follow the guidance of our editor.

NOTE: Be sure to check out our FAQ area for specific questions... if your question isn't answered here, be sure to drop us an email at newdesk@ASNN365.com

How can I be a part of Amateur Sports News Network community?
just join... you can start by emailing us at newsdesk@ASNN365.com
visit our Blogs
sign up yourself and/or friends for our Amateur Sports Magazine as well as our eNewsletter, Amateur Sports Update.
respond to our latest Sports Poll.
Visit our sites everyday!
if you have a story to share, we want to read it.
FAQ - click here

What is your editorial policy? What are your submission guidelines?
There are just a few guidelines to keep in mind. One major fact is unless it is an extraordinary situation, we do NOT allow the use of unnamed sources.  If an unnamed source is required, the story must be cleared by our editor prior to submission. Much of our work is subjective, as we encourage our writers to put themselves in their articles; however when hard reporting is called for, that's what we give you: sources should be named, and multiple sources will be required in the rare case where they are not. Click here for on our submission guidelines!

Do you have a Amateur Sports store?
Yes and the store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Click here.

Do you offer a Podcast? When / Where can I hear it?
Yes, we do have a Podcast. In fact, we currently have one show, which can be heard every Saturday morning at 8am CST by clicking here.

We are currently developing two separate shows for early 2012... (1) Monday evenings - "the week that was," which reflects on the week of local sports (i.e., recaps, interviews, stories, scores, etc...), and (2) Wednesday or Thursday evenings - "Amateur Sports Talk," which discuss national sports consisting of NCAA, professional sports, and hot topics that will effect our target audience.

How do I link to your site(s)?
We welcome external links as long as it is reciprocated. For more, click here.

Do you have a mascot or inspiration character representative of Amateur Sports?
No, not at this time but we are associated with a new, local character who is taking Chicago by storm - SPIRITMAN.  More to come on him soon - click here to be notified upon his arrival.

How can I contact Amateur Sports Magazine (News Network)? click here!

Okay, I must admit... I'm not a big sports fan, what can Amateur Sports Magazine (News Network) do for me?
We recognize that our name states 'sports' and this may not be your thing... but there's hope. Do you like kids? Well, our site and publication focuses on kids in a positive, upbeat manner. Simply put we provide a non-bias media venue to showcase student-athletes achievements on, as well as off the field of play. So, we are not entirely about sports, but about kids participating in sports.

Well go get your copy of our quarterly produced magazine delivered to your home or office. Click here to start your journey with us. . .