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2017-18 College-Bound Student-Athlete Guide

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  2017 Nations TOP NCAA Recruit Classes
2018 NCAA Football Rankings

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BIGTEN How did they do with Recruiting this signing period?

bluearrow NCAA Eligibility Info for Students w/Documented Education Impacting Disabilities

bluearrow 10 Tips for your First Month of College as a Student-Athlete

bluearrow How to Make an Impact as a College Freshman...

Good read - college sports’ exploitation of the African-American athlete, economic power of athletes

Great article if you're a college athlete or have an opinion on paying college athletes.

HBCU rankings....

HBCU Marching Bands Rankings
  2016-17 BIG TEN Men's Basketball Preview

  2016-17 BIG East Men's Basketball Preview


Week 10 Recap

Week 5 Recap
Week 3 Recap
Week 1 Recap
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2016-17 BCS Bowl Predictions

It's early but going through all of the teams, we have made our picks for teams we feel will comprise the national semifinals at the end of the season along with bowl projections for every single game.

2016 NCAA "AP" Football Poll

The start of the season means the return of a weekly tradition among college football fans everywhere: scouring the Associated Press (AP) College Football Poll,

2016 MAC Preview

You want diversity? You want a contrast in styles? You want a fascinating mix of superstar offensive talents mixed in with just enough solid defensive teams to keep things interesting? Well the MAC is all about that this year!

2016 BIG Ten Preview

The Big Ten remains top heavy heading into this season but their best teams all reside in the same division so there will be some major collusions featuring. . .
  2016 Football Schedules -
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Week 13 Recap

Week 11 Recap
Week 10 Recap
Week 9 Recap
Week 8 Recap
Week 7 Recap
Week 6 Recap
Week 5 Recap
Week 4 Recap
Week 3 Recap
Week 2 Recap
Week 1 Recap
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Prospective football student-athletes may sign National Letters of Intent (NLI) from February 5 – April 1, 2014. Prospective collegiate student-athletes in....  
  National Collegiate Athletic Association is made up of three membership classifications that are known as Divisions I, II and III. Each division creates its own rules governing personnel, amateurism, recruiting, eligibility, benefits, financial aid, and playing and practice seasons – consistent with the overall governing principles of the Association. Every program must affiliate its core program with one of the three divisions.

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Bowl System has sealed the deal, but the odor still leaks

PAC-12 uses some high-tech stuff to stream the games...

Title IX: 37 words that changed everything for women in sports. ~click here

March Madness: Final 4 is worth $9.5 Mil

Here is my 2012 Men's NCAA Bracket care of ESPN...

  How March Madness was born...

Must See Basketball Floors

A Simple BCS Solution - PLUS-ONE  

An Idea Agents and College Athletes co-existing

Study shows the average college athlete is worth far more than just a scholarship!!! ~click here to read more!

Trips to BCS bowl games can cost some schools big money: Going in the red has become more common... click here for more...

Did U know that profitable BCS bowls get public aid? For more, click here.

NCAA and Social Media (MUST READ)

Understanding the GUARANTEE game

SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: These College Football Programs Make The Most Money

Best U.S. colleges ranked...  ~click here

More money for colleges, same amount for athletes. Zero. The money in college continuing to go up. Click here for more...

Sample Wonderlic Test

College football’s top 10 stadiums: A fan’s list ~click here

Report: Top-tier college athletes worth 6 figures. The average fair market value of top-tier college football and...

Study shows the average college athlete is worth far more than just a scholarship:

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2017-18 College-Bound Student-Athlete Guide


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How Do Athletic Scholarships Work?
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