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by Prez Ro 

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We are currently looking for additional writers, photographers and videographers.

Would you like to submit your opinions and thoughts to thousands of people so they can read and correspond to your writings? Do you know an athlete or student who you would like to highlight? Do you have a tip (financial, business, health, etc.) you would like to share? Or do you have an event going on and you want to reach an additional market? Then Amateur Sports is your venue!

We produce a weekly digital newsletter and a monthly digital magazine, and we are offering you an opportunity to be a part of it... Check out our newsletter by visiting AmateurSports365.com  and clicking on the Magazine tab.

Guidelines are simple: No more than 400 words, very thought-provoking and nothing too negative. There is a difference between criticizing and critiquing. Submit all articles by 15th of each month in order to make our monthly digital newsletter, or by Thursday (8p CDT) to make the deadline for our weekly newsletter.

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Any questions, please visit our site, or drop us an email.

NOTE: Feel free to forward to your contact list or anyone that might be interested...

It's that time again – time for Fall sports including youth and high school football!!! Things get started August 21st for youth football and the 26th for high school. So are you ready? In order to provide the best coverage possible, we are looking for a few photographers to shoot on the sidelines. As you know, the day(s) can be long but rewarding... and the way we do it is simple: all you shoot is all you make including links from our game summaries directly to "your site," where people can purchase your pictures. Our only request is a couple of compelling shots for article support. In addition, we'll be running monthly photography contest where you will be able to win various prizes all season long. Interested? Click here!

NOTE: Youth football games normally start around 10am and include four games played (Widgets, PeeWee, Junior Varsity & Varsity). All games should be over by 5pm unless overtime. High school speaks for itself. To take a look at the schedule as of now, visit our site, AmateurSports365.com, and select the Calendar icon. From here, navigate to August to see our schedule. You will also be able to review our tentative high school football schedule as well.

Want to become a photographer?
Retain copyright to your images
Earn your own money on photo related sales.
Share your craft with the community.
Focus on shooting - we'll take care of the rest.
Become a part of a growing photography network in the Chicagoland area.
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If you are interested, get in contact with us as soon as possible by clicking here. Again, the games begin in a few weeks.

NOTE: Feel free to forward to your contact list or anyone that might be interested...

Do you own and/or know how to work a video camera? Interested in earning some extra cash covering certain sporting events in the Chicagoland area, as well as shoot a web-developed sports show? Click here!


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