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MUST READ: As a balance, here's an article listing 5 reason you should let your kid play sports?

  COMMENTARY: Are parents ruining youth sports? Fewer kids play amid pressure.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” ? Dr. Seuss, Happy Birthday to You!

Via @NCAA: Only .03% of MBB players will make it from HS hoops to pro basketball! = GET YOUR GRADES!!!

March Madness Bracket information

2017 March Madness perspective....

2017 March Madness locations...

Following the Money in the NCAA...

Read more: How Much Does the NCAA Make off March Madness?

2017 NFL Combine Results

@UberFacts: One of the first items purchased on the Internet was a pepperoni pizza with mushrooms and extra cheese from Pizza Hut.

Every PRO was once an AMATEUR. Every EXPERT was once a BEGINNER. So DREAM BIG and start NOW!
bluearrow COMMENTARY: Coddling childish college students...

bluearrow Black History quiz...

CollegeFootball recruit rankings

  #BIGTEN How did they do with Recruiting this signing period?

  #IHSA Here are players from the Class of 2017from our area from D-1 to Juco.

ICYMI: A Georgia basketball game ended early thanks to a vicious dunk that shattered the backboard!

Good read - college sports’ exploitation of the African-American athlete, economic power of athletes

Great article if you're a college athlete or have an opinion on paying college athletes.

HBCU rankings....

HBCU Marching Bands Rankings

  Tom Brady's Agent Is Starting a Pro Football League for College-Age Players





bluearrow MUST READ:  2016-17 Bowl games payouts

bluearrow MUST READ:  NCAA under investigation...

RULING: Students should NOT be paid minimum wage

Q: Who do I contact for an Unofficial Visit and how do I set one up? - Answer: Click here

Q: What should I be doing as an 8th grader to get ready for high school? Click here for the Answer!

Is it easier to get a sports scholarship out of a private school?

Is an NCAA scholarship guaranteed for four years? Hhhhmmmm Click here for the answer!

Starting your NCAA search? Find an @NCAA school by sport + state:

Did you know January is #NationalMentoringMonth? Learn more about mentoring month here

50 Best Colleges...

As @NCAA coach basketball is in FULL swing, here's a break-down of coaches salaries... WHEW!!!

Suits And Sneakers™ Awareness Week January 25-31, 2016...

bluearrow MUST READ: It's Time for an EXPANSION for an eight-team playoff

FCS Football simply works - here is how!

NOTE: Congrats James Madison and Youngstown State for making it to the championship game!

Thinking of transferring to an NCAA DI/DII program? You may have to sit out one season- Take #NCAA Q&A

Everything you need to know about College Playoff System

Heismann BUST

bluearrow Should athletes be paid? Take our Poll ~click here!

DYK? The NCAA does not run the College Football Playoff or bowl games, aside from setting the playing rules of those competitions. 

5 College Conferences That Bring in Over $250 Million

BIG TEN Richest to not so rich schools according to Football

IHSA Basketball Holiday Tournaments
  bluearrow MUST READ: Student-Athletic Scholarships cover what?

IHSA Football Programs of ALL-TIME

Did you know - NAIA schools award $500 million in scholarships? Use code 9876 to send your ACT/SAT test scores to @Play_NAIA

Which state has had the most ALL-USA boys BBall players this decade?

bluearrow What does a written college scholarship offer look like?

MUST READ: This season's college basketball officiating rules and interpretations review

Crunching the Numbers: Football Scholarships

Reality of College Football & Scholarship Opportunities



Breast Cancer Awareness!!

bluearrow Need help w/your @FAFSA?

DOWNLOAD/PRINT NCAA Div I & II Initial Eligibility

bluearrow What questions should I ask on Unofficial Visits?

MUST READ: NCAA takes FOREVER to act for athletes

Technology Touchdown

QUOTE: Someone out there wants your job. Someone is plotting to take your job. What have you done TODAY to #EARN your position?
  bluearrow Next Wave of the Digital Divide

bluearrow The Donovan Hill Story
BONUS... MUST READ - click here

bluearrow Atlanta-area high school features biggest video board

bluearrow Did you know Colleges use FAKE accounts to follow perspectives?

bluearrow Student-athletes need to pay attention to their social media footprints...

bluearrow Top records this decade by percentage (%)

bluearrow NCAA outlaws a very specific type of subtweeting in recruiting

bluearrow Need-to-Know Rule Changes for 2016 College Football Season

Don't PAY for Services - MUST READ

bluearrow2016-17 ACT/SAT Dates - Save the Dates

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