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Greetings! We are ready to bring to you all a new venture we are providing to our fan base.


Matteson, IL (Amateur Sports News Network - ASNN): Student-athletes will no longer compete with professional athletes for print space in the Chicagoland area. Too often our children are brought to task for mistakes and mis-steps, and all too seldom receive praise for a job well done. We also feel that the so-called mainstream media tends to focus on the negative events surrounding our youth, so we hope to use our venue to praise, inspire, encourage and enrich our youth of today. Well, this is where our vision meets the need.

Amateur Sports News Network and Amateur Sports Magazine was born purely out of love of sport and trying to assist even the simplest event with some necessary exposure without being bias or cynical. In order to achieve our mission and vision, we plan to provide the Chicagoland area with an ultimate sporting experience including highlighting local athletes, organizations, fans, parents, businesses, etc via streaming video and audio, articles, and blogs leveraged by technology.

We understand that no one goes it alone. . . Thus, we have incorporated an online community in order to highlight local athletes and organizations / programs in a manner they have not received. Our state-of-the-art site is truly designed for a place where the fan meets journalism - where the Monday morning quarterback meets the press box! We have created an online community where you, the fan, or the athlete, or the organization is encouraged to create and critique sports via our venue. Interested in getting your thoughts read by thousands of people? Visit our web site for details.

Our magazine, Amateur Sports Magazine, will be distributed every week via our site as well as a once a month edition for you to review and/or print from home with high-impact, energetic coverage and real-life stories about our student-athletes, on as well as off the field. In addition to student-athletes, we hope to broaden our horizons by spotlighting local businesses you should know. And to top it off, both editions are FREE!

We recognized that we are not a sports magazine about people; we are a people magazine about sports and other things... and when you partner with us, EVERYBODY wins!  Here is your opportunity to stop hating the media and actually become it!

For more information, contact us at 708-201-1781 or by email at newsdesk@asnn365.com.

Amateur Sports News Network (ASNN) and Amateur Sports Magazine are exclusively published by S.C. Fitch Enterprises, Incorporated, a privately owned and operated LLC in the State of Illinois by Cynthia and Steven Fitch. Advertisers and staff candidates can contact Steven Fitch at 708-201-1781 or by email at newsdesk@asnn365.com. We are dedicated to partnering with fans, journalists and photographers that share in our vision in order to provide a professional quality of our magazine.

More information can be found at our web site www.AmateurSports365.com.

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