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Volume 1, No. 2

This Month in Amateur Sports Magazine...

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Take moment to imagine something beautiful… Let’s call it an oasis. At this place, you can just let your hair down and be you… at this place, you can sit back and really enjoy the elements around you…. and finally, at this place, the weather is always beautiful… This is a tangible dream that takes place once in a lifetime (or once a year).  Click here for more...
Cover Story: Someone You Should Know
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About Amateur Sports Magazine
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Khalid's Korner  
She's Got Game

Andriana "AJ" Mickens

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Holiday Basketball Tournament Re-Caps

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  Unexpected Dangers by Da-Nay Macklin
“Teaching Your Children to Pay Attention to Their Surroundings”
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Understanding Recruiting...
Here lately, I have been asked quite frequently lots of questions from parents about recruiting.
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  Coach's Corner
This month's question: What encouraging words do you tell your team (athletes) after winning a BIG game? Click here to see their answers...
Picture This
Check out our "shots of the month" along with various actions shots taken during the season.
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  Business Section
A close look at a local business serving the Chicagoland area.
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Pro Connection
Professional basketball players who started dribbling in the Chicagoland area.
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  Podcast Schedule
Check our Podcast show schedule. Click here.
Health n Fitness
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  Hit us on our two-way...

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Cool Gear
A look at some hot technology for the season.
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  Post Game
See what we have going on next month... click here.
Where to Find Us
Follow where we will be during the season.
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