Will-Cook-Kankakee Superbowl Coverage 2012

by Prez Ro, Matteson, IL

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Four months ago stood fourteen teams... on this Sunday afternoon, there were only two at every level. And the two remaining teams, were set out for the ultimate prize: 2012 Will-Cook-Kankakee Superbowl Champion.  First and foremost, we would like to thank the fine folks over at Marian Catholic high school for their hospitality.

Now on to the games...



This wasn't the original slated game, as the league awarded the Raiders this Superbowl appearance based on some illegal roster moves by Calumet City. In the first contest of the day, it was all Hazel Crest, as they defeated Richton Park pretty handedly 26-0.

Things got start near the end of the first quarter with Devon Neal ran in his first of two touchdowns from 33-yards out making the score 6-0. On the other side of the ball the Mustangs made a BIG red zone stop and knocked the ball loose. Thus, they recovered the ball deep on their side of the field. Well, a couple plays later, Jalen Hamilton , sprinted down the field from 91-yards for the Mustangs second score (12-0). Mr. Hamilton scored again later in the game on a shorter run, from 19-yards out.  As stated above, Mr. Neal ran in the last score of the game from 51-yards away sealing the victory for Hazel Crest.



No one could predict, not only the outcome of this game, but three overtimes to resolve this contest? Well, in retrospect... isn't that what you want in a Superbowl game? Neither team gave up and kept fighting to the very end, and you almost didn't want the game to end... but once the smoke cleared, it was the Cougars on top 18-12.

Country Club Hills went for it on 4th and long right outside of the Jets red zone... unfortunately, they didn't make it giving the South Holland the ball close to their goal line. Two plays later, the Jets tossed a beautiful slant pass to Elijah Jones down which setup a 1-yard run by Bishop Byrd. Extra point was no good (6-0).

The game stayed in the middle of the field, with no team gaining an edge until the fourth quarter when Alante Brown carried the ball 69-yards for the Cougars first score. Extra point was no good, resulting in a 6-6 tie.

As we stated above, overtime was needed... in the first overtime, Cougars' Brown scored from 1 yard out (12-6), and Jets quickly answered with the same way they started the game with - inside slant pass to Jones. This time, they scored - tying the contest at 12.

Neither team could score from the 10-yard line during the second overtime. But in the third and final OT, the Cougars were able to score on another QB keeper by Brown and hold the Jets out of the end zone -resulting wining the 2012 PeeWee Superbowl 18-12.




In a repeat like no other... put two teams that are as competitive as they come at this level of sports: Markham Patriots and Park Forest Hurricanes... They met during the regular season and that contest lived up to its billing and you just knew the Superbowl contest would do the same...

Well, in this contest, it wasn't a lot of scoring but it sure was a lot of effort... a lot of strategy... and a lot of good old fashion football being played. But when the smoke cleared, and the final buzzer was heard, it was the Patriots on top 7-0. 

Markham scored with under 1 minute in regulation when Payne tossed a nice, tight spiral pass to Alexander who took it down to the 2-yard line. Shortly after that, J. Hall ran it in for the winning and only score of the game.

The Patriots have now won two in a row in 2012... can't wait to see what next year has in store!!!



The final contest of the game put the high powered offense of the undefeated University Park Lions up against the Dixmoor Vikings. First and foremost, we want to thank the Vikings for joining Will-Cook-Kankakee and for their first appearance in a Superbowl game.

On to the game....
The Vikings showed right away they didn't show up to be embarrassed as they took the opening possession the length of the field and into the end zone on a 2-yard run by their swift feet running back (7-0). This got the game not only started but fired!

Not to be outdone, the Lions answered with a 40 yard bomb from Tyrice Richie to his dawg Juawan Treadwell.  This score tied up the game at 7.

The Lions leaned on their defense to make the Vikings uncomfortable offensively. This proved to work because in the second quarter Jaleel Holloway intercepted a pass and shortly after that, they recovered a fumble deep in the red zone.  A few plays later, Mr. Richie scrambled into the end zone - extra point failed (13-7).

As we have said, the Vikings didn't show up to Marian Catholic high school just to show up.... In the third quarter, after getting the ball deep in the red zone, and after a botched snap, they got into the end zone to tie the score at 13.

The Lions buckled down and took back the lead for good with 3:29 left in the game with Richie scored for the second time on the afternoon (20-13). This drive was setup by a great catch by his dawg Treadwell, in which he went up and fault for the ball.

Dixmoor answered on a 20 yard pass for a touchdown with 30.2 seconds left to play (20-19) and as guts would have it, the coach for the Dixmoor Vikings went for the win with a field goal instead of trying to tie the game and playing for overtime. Unfortunately, the field goal was short and to the right. BALLGAME - LIONS WIN!!!!



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