Will-Cook-Kankakee: Week 6 Summary

by Prez Ro, Matteson, IL

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Week 6 provided some teams with the necessary separation they need coming down the stretch while others are making a push to qualify for the playoffs.... In addition, three teams made it into the 100 club: Cal City (Jr Varsity) and Hazel Crest, Cal City (both Varsity).

*PeeWee contest between Bears and Thunderbolts is currently under protest...

This weeks highest point total came at the PeeWee level for the Eastside-Chicago Heights game where the final score was 46-0. In addition, Bulldogs swept the Panthers this weekend.

And the PeeWee Cougars remain the stingiest team in the league - still holding their opponents out of the end zone.

Those Varsity Hurricanes received their first loss of the year 19-6 to Dixmoor, while Markham's Jr. Varsity team rose above everyone becoming the first team to score 200 points. Way to go Patriots!

Now to our *game of the week... it was between Chicago (5-1) and homecoming host, South Holland (4-2) - Jr. Varsity game.
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South Holland got on the board first with a nice 22 yard sprint down the sideline by Marquesz "Smoke" Robinson in the second quarter (6-0).  Chicago countered right before halftime as they pushed and pushed themselves into the end zone tying the game at 6.

The visiting Cardinals took the lead in the third quarter on a 40 yard score by "Smoke" and they never let it go (13-6). The Jets did get within 1 point, on a hard run with 2:07 in third (13-12), but Chicago answered right back on an eleven  play touchdown that included a pretty short screen (19-12).

The Cards capitalized on the day by connecting on not one.... but two field goals during the afternoon by Roderick Anderson Jr. Seeing kids kick field goals at any level, including high school, is such a treat for me. It's one of those lost skill sets that never gets developed and we take our hats off to the Chicago Cardinal organization and Mr. Anderson Jr. for bringing kicking back :).

Final score 35-12.

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Our final observation after six weeks of play is many teams continue to separate themselves among their opponents, making it harder not only to catch-up, but also to knock them off of the hill.  With that being said, this season appears to be full of parity - where just about every team has a shot. You have two more weeks to make your run.... let it rip!!!

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT NOTE: Two teams, Jets (PeeWee) and Lions (Varsity) have only given up 12 points in six weeks... WOW!!! Way to go guys...

Week 7 Games on our Radar...
Hazel Crest at Richton Park (Widgets)

Kankakee at Park Forest (St Laurence - PeeWee)

Chicago at Matteson

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200 Points Club
Markham (Jr. Varsity)

100 Points Club
Richton Park (Widgets)
Chicago (Widgets)
Kankakee (Widgets)

So Holland (PeeWees)
Park Forest (PeeWees)

Cal City (Jr. Varsity)
Markham (Jr. Varsity)
Park Forest (Jr. Varsity)
Richton Park (Jr. Varsity)
Dixmoor (Jr. Varsity)

So. Holland (Jr. Varsity)
Cal City (Varsity)
Eastside (Varsity)
Hazel Crest (Varsity)
Richton Park (Varsity)
University Park (Varsity)

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