Will-Cook-Kankakee: Week 5 Summary

by Prez Ro, Matteson, IL

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Where do we start... some teams kept on the path of their winning ways and remained undefeated, while two teams snagged their first victories: *Markham (Widgets) and University Park (Peewees).

*Markham received their first victory due to Chicago Heights not paying their league fees... so the game was won due to forfeit
This was one high-scoring weekend in Will-Cook as Richton Park scored the most of the week with 142, including 60 points in their Varsity contest.

We have coined week 5 as impactful! Why impactful? Well, let me put it this way... many teams went out this weekend not only to snag a victory, but they wanted teams to recognize their organization is nothing to play with and hope you don't face them in the playoffs. This includes the before-mentioned Raiders as they swept the Matteson Bears, and as University Park Lions swept Chicago Heights.

The Jets (Peewees) gave up their first points so far this season - six (6), while Cougars (Peewees) are the sole team with not only a perfect record (5-0) but they have the stingiest defense this season.

Week 4, we had two *games of the week. The first one (Saturday) featured Widgets from South Holland against Calumet City - two top-tier American league teams. In this contest, it was full of penalties, including seven holding calls on the Thunderbolts at halftime, a couple of fumbles, and two key interceptions. It took over 24 minutes of game play for either to team to score and it just felt like the team that scored first would win the game... and sure enough... the Thunderbolts scored first and the only touchdown with a short run up the middle in the fourth quarter. Final score 7-0. You will be able to see this game as one of our *games of the week as early as Tuesday, September 18 after 12p.
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The other *game of the week (Sunday) put two first-place, undefeated teams (PeeWee) on the same field (Cougars - Hurricanes).

Things got started with a wonderful 45-yard plus kickoff run by the Cougars, but the Hurricanes defense held them out of the end zone and from scoring. Two plays later, pinned deep in their own territory, the Hurricanes were tackled in the end zone by Q. Johnson of the home team Cougars for a safety (2-0) in the first quarter.

Outside of these two points, no other team got into the end zone in the first half. In fact, both teams turned the ball over a number of times, but neither could capitalize early until 1:53 in the third quarter when the Cougars recovered the ball and ran it in for the first score of the day - extra point conversion failed 8-0. The home team scored two more times in the fourth quarter: once at the 4:15 mark (15-0), the other was icing on the cake, with just 15 seconds left - (21-0). With this victory the Cougars (Peewees) remain undefeated (5-0), and stingy in which they have NOT given up any points to their opponents this season.

In addition, eight new teams joined the 100 points of offense club... see column to the right.

* Week 5 Game of the Week will be available Tuesday, September 18, 2012 after 12pm at AmateurSports365 TV

Our final observation after five weeks of play is there used to be an UNDEFEATED team at every level... but not anymore... the American league Jr. Varsity teams have one lose - stopping the perfect season phenomenon.

Week 6 Games on our Radar...
Chicago at South Holland (Jr Varsity)

Matteson @ Cal City (Peewee)

University Park @ Markham

For other games going on during Week 6, click here.

100 Points Club
Richton Park (Widgets)
Chicago (Widgets)
Kankakee (Widgets)

So Holland (PeeWees)
Park Forest (PeeWees)

Markham (Jr. Varsity)
Park Forest (Jr. Varsity)
Richton Park (Jr. Varsity)
Dixmoor (Jr. Varsity)

So. Holland (Jr. Varsity)
University Park (Varsity)
Richton Park (Varsity)
Eastside (Varsity)

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