Will-Cook-Kankakee: Week 4 Summary

by Prez Ro, Matteson, IL

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NOTE: Last week (week 3), when Madea Nature defeated both Eastside and Kankakee teams with bad weather as they attempted to played the cross-town classic. These games were made up on Saturday. In the end, both teams won two games.

Now in this weeks game summaries.... WHEW, what a weekend of Youth Football....

Off the top, in our *Game of the Week, two undefeated powerhouses at the Jr. Varsity level: Markham Patriots - Park Forest Hurricanes... this games truly lived up to its billing. This game started long before the kickoff yesterday... in fact, with over 300 Facebook post, both sides used their keyboard muscles to flex who's better, why they are better, and how they were going to do their thing on the field... this included a freakin' video posted by the Markham Patriots... WHEW!!! But in the end, it was the Patriots on top 27-19, giving the Hurricanes not only their first loss of the season, but EVER in the WCK league.

Things got started right away, when coach Bridges opened up his Madden playbook and toss a long pass of 40+ yards down the left side of the field that caught the Hurricanes defense off-guard at the 8:34 mark in the first quarter. Extra point conversion was denied 6-0

As this game would have it, Park Forest answered 3 minutes later with their own long pass, of 30+ yards, to tie the game at 6. Coach Chambers got a lil' fancy and tossed another long ball to start the second quarter, which resulted into a touchdown to take the early lead 12-6.

Now you know this rivalry wouldn't end there... Patriots got on the board two times before halftime including an interception that was ran back to take the lead, 19-12.

Just seemed like the weather, as in Hurricane forecast, was not flowing as predicted, and Markham had WGN's Tom Skilling on the their side saying just weather the storm, the weather will calm down after halftime.

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After a wonderful halftime performance by the home team, Park Forest Hurricanes cheerleaders, the 'Canes were buried deep in the opposite side of the field, and on fourth down, they went for it, and a bad snap to the quarterback resulted into a safety... Patriots were up now 21-12.

On the ensuing punt, the home teams' D stood strong and held the Pats in the middle of the field and punting. But as this game would dictate, the punt was muffed and recovered by the visitors...

Cross-town Patriots sealed the victory with a late interception by #22 who ran it back with 3:35 left to play resulting in the final score of the contest... 27-19.

Markham weathered the storm at the JV level and gave Park Forest their only loss ever. Now, it shouldn't surprise anyone for these two teams to meet again deep in the playoffs again, and when they do, you better get their early, with the family-size of buttered popcorn because I'm certain, it's going to be another good one.

* Week 4 Game of the Week will be available Tuesday, September 11, 2012 after 12pm at AmateurSports365 TV

Now on to the other games... Chicago swept Chicago Heights... In addition, the Cardinals scored the most points in a single contest (JV), 54, and the most total points this week (130). Also at the widget level, the Cardinals wins big and hit the 101 points of offense but remain in third place... now that's a dangerous third place team... Hazel Crest (widgets) remain steady snagging a victory over Dixmoor and now carries a 3-1 record in the National conference. The Mustangs take on the Patriots next week.

At the PeeWee level, there are two undefeated teams on the top of the hill, CC Hills and South Holland... as both teams are 4-0, and have NOT given up any points. Matteson received their first loss to Eastside 21-0 but remain a tough team to play.

University Park's varsity squad continue to roar through the league on both sides of the ball... they have a bye next week, the Lions face the Panthers who do not have a varsity team.

Another observation after four weeks of play, there are UNDEFEATED teams at every level, in each conference... FANTASTIC!!!! wonder if that has ever happened before... Hhhhhmmmm???? If you have that answer, click here.

Week 5 Games on our Radar...
Widgets from South Holland (3-1) take on the UNDEFEATED Cal City - Saturday - send me the location & time.

One of the ORIGINAL cross-town rivalries...  Matteson vs. Richton Park - Saturday - kick off 2pm at Rich South.

Another pair of UNDEFEATED teams... Park Forest at CC Hills (PeeWee) - Sunday.

For other games going on during Week 5, click here.

100 Points Club
Richton Park (Widgets)
Chicago (Widgets)
CC Hills (PeeWees)
Markham (Jr. Varsity)
So. Holland (Jr. Varsity)
University Park (Varsity)

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