2013 National Signing Day

by Prez Ro, Matteson, IL

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Wednesday is national football signing day, when top high school prospects can sign letters of intent to play in college. Here is where the top area high school football players are expected to go:

Player, High School, Height, Weight, Position, College

Aaron Bailey, Bolingbrook, 6-2, 215, QB, Illinois

Caleb Bailey, Romeoville, 6-1, 210, LB, Western Michigan

Khairi Bailey, Morgan Park, 6-3, 240, DE, Western Michigan

Aaron Banks, Simeon, 6-3, 200, DB, Bowling Green

Jalen Banks, Thornton, 5-11, 190, DB, Vanderbilt

Darrien Boone, Hales, 6-2, 190, QB, Central Michigan

Kyle Bosch, St. Francis, 6-5, 305, OL, Michigan

Joel Bouagnon, Aurora Christian, 6-2, 225, RB, Northern Illinois

Tate Briggs, Montini, 6-4, 297, OL, Northern Illinois

Demetrius Cooper, Julian, 6-5, 220, DE, Michigan State


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Justin Corbett, Lincoln-Way East, 6-2, 205, DB, Northern Illinois

Jack Craine, Benet, 6-0, 195, LB, Dayton

Jeremiah Douchee, Hales, 6-4, 235, OL/DL, Dartmouth

Jaylen Dunlap, Crete-Monee 6-2 180 Illinois

Ki-Jana Evans, Harlan, 6-3, 290, OL, Southern Illinois

Jack Euritt, Benet, 6-4, 185, WR, Dayton

Luke Ford, Loyola, 6-3, 200, WR, Holy Cross

Brian Fordon, Providence, 6-2, 215, LB, Dartmouth

Jack Fordon, Providence, 6-2, 225, LB, Nebraska (walk-on)

Tom Fuessel, Lincoln-Way East, 6-3, 180, QB/WR, Northwestern

John Gardner, Simeon, 6-4, 200, WR, Southern Illinois

Nick Horne, Rich East, WR/DB, Winona State

Ty Isaac, Joliet Catholic, 6-3, 215, RB, USC

Devante Lee, Simeon, 6-6, 230, DE, Middle Tennessee State

Lance Lenoir, Crete-Monee, 6-0, 171, WR, W. Illinois

Jarrid Lloyd, Benet, 6-6, 260, OL, Ball State

Tim McAuliffe, Lemont, 6-2, 270, OL, Bowling Green

Colin McGovern, Lincoln-Way West, 6-6, 295, OL, Notre Dame

Zeb McLaurin, St. Ignatius, 5-11, 180, DB, Northern Illinois

Charles Melka, Benet, 6-4, 238, DL, Columbia

Malcolm Miller, Rich East, QB/DB, Winona State

Joe Morrow, Hales, 6-1, 190, WR, San Diego State

Jimmy Murray, Loyola, OT, 6-5, 265, Holy Cross

Kyle Norberg, Cary-Grove, 6-1, 215, RB, North Dakota

Connor O'Brien, Lemont, 6-2, 210, LB, North Dakota

Austin Olsen, Lincoln-Way North, 6-5, 250, OL, Southern Illinois

Evan Panfil, Lincoln-Way Central, 6-5, 230, DE, Purdue

Ethan Pocic, Lemont, 6-6, 290, OL, LSU

Peter Pujals, Loyola, QB, 6-2, 195, Holy Cross

D.J. Romero, Mount Carmel, 6-1, 195, LB, Illinois State

Jack Rushin, Loyola, DL, 6-5, 265, Yale

Vince Speller, Mount Carmel, 6-1, 195, DB, Eastern Illinois

Draco Smith, Mount Carmel, 5-9, 190, RB, Northern Illinois

Shannon Smith, Marist 6-2 254 Bowling Green

Reggie Spearman, Simeon, 6-2, 220, LB, Iowa

Dion Starnes, Bremen, 6-1, 180, DB, Illinois State

Damien Thurmon, Rich East, DE, Robert Morris

Jamal Towns, Thornton, 5-6, 175, RB, ????

Laquon Treadwell, Crete-Monee, 6-3, 200, WR, Mississippi

Kevin Ward, Providence, 6-1, 185, DB, Iowa

Jordan Watson, Hales, DE, 6-5, 255, San Diego State

John Wirtel, Mount Carmel, 6-3, 195, LS, Kansas

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