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How Safe is Your Child's Athletic Program

The National Association of Athletic Trainers recommends that parents look for the following 10 things in evaluating the safety aspects of a high school athletic program:

1. A comprehensive emergency plan.

2. A full-time, on-site, qualified health provider available to student athletes at the school on a daily basis who has received training in the prevention, immediate care, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.

3. Preseason medical screening/physical for all athletes annually, with documentation reviewed by the school-based athletic health care provider to bring to the attention of the coaching staff any student athlete participating with a medical alert, such as asthma, diabetes, etc..

4. Inclement weather guidelines established well in advance of the season, such as lightning and extreme heat.

5. A team physician/consulting physician well versed in sports medicine, with whom the athletic health care provider can consult.

6. Coaches who are required to participate in ongoing education and training in coaching techniques, CPR and first-aid.

7. Guidelines for the return of athletes to participation following an injury.

8. Field/facility maintenance plan to ensure the facilities and fields are properly cared for and inspected on a regular schedule and repaired if required.

9. Safe, properly fitted equipment, in good repair and inspected on a regular basis, with inspections, repairs, and reconditioning documented and damaged equipment discarded and/or rendered harmless. See Xenith for stat-of-the-art safety equipment.

10. Supervised pre-season, in-season and out-season conditioning programs available to all student athletes designed to utilize up-to-date, scientifically sound advice by a person who is educated in the conditioning of the adolescent athlete.



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