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Most team points
85- St. Laurence vs. Bloom Trail (1977).
85- St. Laurence vs. Rich South (1975).

Fewest team points
40- Leo vs. Lincoln Park (2006).
40- Rich South vs. KKK McNamara (1973).

Biggest victory margin
27 (85-58)- St. Laurence vs. Bloom Trail (1977).

Most points in quarter
27- Bloom Township vs. Crete-Monee (1995).

Fewest points in quarter
4- Chicago Leo vs. Lincoln Park (2006).
4- Rich Central vs. Thornton (1999).

Best field goal percentage
.689- Shepard vs. Chicago Leo (31 of 45, 2001).

Worst field goal percentage
.298- Leo vs. Lincoln Park (14 of 47, 2006).

Best free throw percentage
.923- Rich South vs. St. Laurence (24 of 26, 1975).

Worst free throw percentage
.000- Rich Central vs. St. Laurence (0 of 1, 1979).

Most three-point goals
5- Jeff Delaney (Oak Forest) vs. Rich Central (1986).
5- Brandon Long (Thornton) vs. Hales (2004).

Most individual points
36- Troy Thompson, Rich Central (1980).
32- Steve Kraficisin, St. Laurence (1975).
30- Kendall Gill, Rich Central (1985).
30- Mike Smith, Shepard (2001).
30- Nathan Minnoy, Hales (2002).
28- Weldon Williams, Crete-Monee (1980).
28- Zeke Clerk, Bloom Trail (1991).
28- Sean Mason, Rich Central (1992).
27- Harold Embry, Rich Central (1978).
27- Everette Stephens, Evanston (1983).
26- Jerome Randle, Hales (2004).
26- Kenyea Beach, Crete-Monee (1995).
26- Jessie James, Hillcrest (1990).
26- Steve Payne, Shepard (1990).
26- Clarence Freeman, Rich South (1974).
26- Phil Collins, Sandburg (1976).
26- Chris Dillard, Tinley Park (1987).

Victory margins
1-5 points: 15.
6-10 points: 7.
11-15 points: 8.
15-20 points: 4.
21 or more: 2.


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