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20 questions to ask before the season starts. . .

A good preseason meeting provides a forum for parents to have their questions and concerns answered.

Here are twenty questions parents should consider asking coaches at a preseason meeting:

  1. How much training do you have (i.e. do you have a coach's license or certificate)?

  2. Will a properly equipped first-aid kit be brought to all practices and competitions?

  3. Will an automatic external defibrillator (AED) and someone with up-to-date certification and training in first-aid, sports safety, and the use of an automatic external defibrillator be present at all practices and competitions?

  4. Will someone with a cell phone be at all practices and games?

  5. Do you have an emergency medical plan in place, and, if so, who will be responsible for calling the EMTs if necessary?

  6. What is the league's policy regarding minimum playing time?

  7. What will be your policy regarding playing time?

  8. What should we do as parents if we notice that our child is not getting the minimum playing time?

  9. What tournaments are you planning for the team to enter and how much are they going to cost?

  10. Will you be in contact with parents during the season to give progress reports,

  11. What is the best way to contact you?

  12. What type of volunteer help do you need?

  13. Will you agree to set clear boundaries to prevent the possibility of abuse or harassment?

  14. Do you follow a two-adult rule to eliminate the possibility of sexual abuse?

  15. Will you agree not to allow the hazing of athletes?

  16. If you cannot make a game, will you let us know who is going to be the coach?

  17. What is your policy regarding missed practices or games (i.e. what are circumstances in which it is acceptable for your child to miss a game, such as for a family wedding etc.)?

  18. Do you plan to emphasize having fun and skill development, and if not, why not?

  19. Will you agree to never emotionally abuse players, such as by angrily yelling at players for making mistakes?

  20. Will you agree to respect officials and not, for example, angrily yell at them for making what you believe to be bad calls?

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