week 7 - Will-Cook-Kankakee youth association

by Prez Ro, Matteson, IL

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As the season winds down, a few teams are right there on the line for securing a playoff appearance while other teams are fighting and scratching to get the invitation.... so week 7 will be important!!!

Things got started on Saturday for the Will-Cook-Kankakee Youth Association with three separate games... We'll start with Park Forest who traveled over to Markham.

NOTE: Markham forfeited the Widget game due to lack of participation.
In the first official game of the day (PeeWee), it was the Patriots that came out on top with a single score (7-0). There stingy defense were able to hold off the threat of the Hurricanes to seal the victory.

Up next was the undefeated Hurricanes (6-0) facing the sneaky and sleek Patriots (4-2). In the JV contest, it was nicknamed the teacher vs. the student (i.e. Hurricanes coach Rodney was coach Darrel Bridges assistant when Bridges was with the Mustangs and they went to six straight Superbowls). well, the student took great notes because he was able to obtain a 27-7 victory.

The Patriots ran the opening kickoff back for a nice run for a touchdown but it was called back due to a penalty. And from this, they were unable to get into the end zone at this time. The Patriots had another chance to get into the end zone in the second quarter, as they were 2 yards shy of the end zone but fumbled - recovered by the Hurricanes. A couple plays later, it was Ricky Smalling sprinting down the sideline for85 yards for the first score of the contest (8-0). Mr. Smalling would score again on a 36 yard pass, making the score 14-0 at the half.

As you know, the Patriots do not quit in the second half, they capitalized on field position and got into the end zone on a short run (14-7). But, a few minutes later, the Hurricanes answered with a 6 yard run by Brendon Hutton (20-7). Park Forest sealed the game with and interception by Aarion Lacy and a 23 yard touchdown run by Kevin Pate (27-7). They are still undefeated (7-0). And to top things off, the Hurricanes had enough energy left to perform push-ups at the end of the game.


In the final game of the day, the scoreboard has the Hurricanes on top 14 -7, but the Patriots have submitted a protest in this game. Details of the protest are not available upon this writing. Stay tune...
Any pictures taking at the game can be found in our photo gallery - click here!
Whoever scheduled the game between South Holland and Eastside probably never thought that at every level the teams would be battling for first place not to mention two undefeated teams at the PeeWee level. In the end, Eastside continued their winning ways holding off the South Holland Jets in all four games and both PeeWee and Jr. Varsity remain undefeated.

NOTE: Eastside PeeWees gave up their first points (24) this weekend (week 7) against the South Holland Jets... WOW!!! Way to go...

In addition, Richton Park played host to Country Club Hills, and the Raiders won three of the four games.  See scoreboard for details.
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On Sunday, Madea Nature shined very bright in the Chicagoland area not only for our beloved Chicago Bears, as they defeated Carolina, 34-29, but also on their namesakes... Matteson Bears, who obtained their very first sweep of the season against Chicago Heights Panthers. Get it... Bears - Panthers at the NFL level and at the Will-Cook-Level.

NOTE: Matteson Bears JV team obtained their first victory of the season.
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University Park visited Hazel Crest home field and both teams put on a good show... a battle up and down the field all afternoon... In the end, both teams obtained two victories in games. University Parks' varsity team secured their spot in the playoffs with their 37-0 victory.

NOTE: The Mustangs use a championship belt for motivation at the Widget level... must see video ~click here!


In one other game, the trip Kankakee made to Chicago served to be well-worth it, in which, they obtained three-of-the-four games in victory.

See scoreboard for all details.

NOTE: Seven teams clinched their conferences... Congratulations!!! To see the standings, click here.

Wow, can't wait for next week - final regular season week... where a couple of teams have a chance to get an invitation to the playoffs... Stay tune and we'll see you all next weekend!!!

For other scores, click here, and for Week 8 schedule, click here. If you would like to submit a game summary / recap, we truly encourage you to do so by clicking here. Until next time... see you from the sidelines!
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