week 4 - Will-Cook-Kankakee youth association

by Prez Ro, Matteson, IL

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...a day full of celebration and remembering...

Youth football players, including Will-Cook-Kankakee Youth Association (WCK), across the country this weekend will be connected – through their passion for the game and an on field ceremony taking place at more than 2,000 fields in all 50 states.

In conjunction with the NFL opening weekend, USA Football’s National Youth Football Kickoff on Saturday is part of the NFL’s Back to Football campaign. Teams across the United States will open their games with a special red, white and blue commemorative football, celebrating the season’s return, as well as paying respect to 9/11.

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As the subject states, week 4 in the WCK was setup for celebration and remembering the events from September 11, 2001.

The Matteson Bears hosted the South Holland Jets for their 2011 homecoming, and each game got started with a kickoff using the commemorative red, white and blue football. What a wonderful touch of celebration and spirit, but unfortunately, the Jets flew in and spoil the Bears homecoming celebration in each game, including a come from behind victory by Varsity.

In the Widget contest, the Jets scored twice by the same player, number 8, which proved enough for the 12-7 victory. Bears got on the board with a QB keeper, straight up the middle by number 1 but it wasn't enough to capture the win.

sprinting pass two Bear defenders...

Up next was the PeeWees. Mr. Jaleel "Bullet" Mason (South Holland Jets) played big on both sides of the ball. He got into the end zone with a 65 yard run in the first quarter (6-0), then followed that up with a short touchdown run in the second (13-0). The Bears made a game of it by scoring right before halftime (13-6) and to start the second half (13-12), but Mr. Mason, answered with two more touchdowns and an interception, which secured the 32-12 victory and remain undefeated (4-0).

Bullet on one of his four touchdowns
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final instructions from coach Mays

first touchdown run of the day (JV game)

final score of the game

In the JV game, the Bears played hard but couldn't keep the Jets landed. They got in the end zone three times by two separate people. Junior Varsity players number 3 has two scores and number 55 got in the end zone once to secure the 18-0 victory.

In the main event... the final game on the afternoon - V-A-R-S-I-T-Y... the Bears got out early and set the tempo of the game. They were able to ground the Jets and were able to get on the board twice nice and early. On the first score (first quarter), it was a QB keeper by number 48 (6-0). Neither team scored the rest of the first half... and both defenses stood strong. In the second half, the Bears QB scored again on a keeper (13-0). At this point, coach Darryl Anthony Shortly implemented a no-huddle offense which result in the Jets first score in the contest (13-6). Both teams defense play stingy for the remainder of the third quarter, but in the fourth quarter, the Jets defense turned up their play forcing the Bears to punt, and on the punt, number 24 for the Jets return it to the house tying the score at 13-13. At this point, the game came down to the last minute (literally) of play, when the Jets took the lead for the first time on a short run by number 34 (19-13) with 49.3 left to play. With less than a minute to play, the Bears were not able to answer the Jets and they remained undefeated also (4-0).

Bears first score of the game

Up next for the Jets is the Hurricanes... and two games to pay attention to is the JV game, which puts the undefeated Hurricanes against the 2-2 Jets, and the Varsity contest, which is the opposite... the undefeated Jets face the 2-2 Hurricanes, who have put together two back-to-back impressive victories. So week 5 should be very interesting.... The Bears travel to University Park to face the Lions, who have an undefeated PeeWee team and tough as nails Varsity squad (3-1). The Widgets and JV teams are mirror images of each other so this contest should be exciting also.

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In other games around the league...
In addition to the Jets sweep, the Country Club Hills Cougars swept the Mustangs (7-0, 32-6, 2-0, 30-0).

The Markham Patriots got back on track snagging three-of-the-four games from upstart Chicago Heights Panthers (28-0, 45-0, 35-0). The Patriots forfeited the Widget game due to lack of team participation.

The Colts and Hurricanes split total victories two-two. The Colts won the Widget and PeeWee contest (21-0, 20-13), while the
Hurricanes won JV and Varsity (6-0, 31-6).

Eastside's JV team squeaked out a narrow victory (19-18) over the Raiders. In this contest, the Raiders scored the most point issued by any of the Bulldogs competition this season... which proves the Raiders JV team (2-2) is not one to take lightly. And in the Varsity contest, the Bulldogs snagged a 13-0 victory over Darius Smith and the Raiders, giving them their first loss of the season.

NOTE: Mr. Jaleel "Bullet" Mason (South Holland Jets) is our Player of the Week with his play on Sunday... four touchdowns, 1 interception, countless plays that do not show up in the box score. Way to go Mr. Mason!

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