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2011 superbowl!!!

by Prez Ro, Matteson, IL

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It's the final weekend of Will-Cook-Kankakee football!!! And those that survived are all set to play this weekend with one exception... see red area below for details.

Nonetheless, it's S-U-P-E-R-B-O-W-L time! 

And the games are as follows....  
Action shots taken at this years' Superbowl can be found by click the above banner - NOW!
October 30, 2011 - Matteson Bears organization played host for the Will-Cook-Kankakee Youth Associations' Superbowl (Rich Central). The day was absolutely perfect for football - breezy, sunny early, then clouds and some rain late. In addition, the stands were absolutely packed!!!
South Holland 0 vs. CC Hills 7

The first game of the day put the number one seeded National league Cougars up against the American league number two seeded Jets. Both teams struggled early to move the ball into the end zone for the most part all morning, but the Cougars were able to score the only points in the contest in the second quarter. Mr. Kendrial White scored for Country Club Hills with 5:14 left before the half. They also made a successful extra point conversation (7-0). The Cougars turned to there defense to secure the victory including a late threat but they were able to hold their ground.

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Action shots taken at this years' Superbowl can be found by click the above banner - NOW!
CC Hills 0 vs. South Holland 13
Up next were the number 2 seeded Jets facing the battled-ridden Cougars. In order to play in this contest, the Cougars played *three games in five games as you will see below. Nonetheless, Country Club Hills is honored to play today and made every attempt to dig in and play tough. In fact, they held the Jets out of the end zone during the first quarter, but unfortunately, they (Jets) made some adjustments.

South Holland scored first on a counter run by Jaleel Mason in the second quarter with 5:20 left. The extra point conversion was no good (6-0). This score stood until the third quarter when the Cougars threw an interception to Mr. Mason, who ran it into the end zone from 57 yards away. This time, the Jets were able to successfully complete the extra point conversation (13-0).  To secure the victory and the shut-out, the Jets clamped down on defense to stop a late  surge by the Cougars from scoring in which the ball was inside of the 5 yard line. This prove to be enough for the Jets to claim the 2011 PeeWee title.

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  *Richton Park Raiders PeeWee team has been rule ineligible to play in the 2011 Superbowl. So, there will be play-in-games for CC Hills, Kankakee and Park Forest. The first game will be held Wednesday at 6:30pm between CC Hills and Park Forest. Winner will play Kankakee, if they elect to participate in the play-in-games playoffs. Now, if Kankakee participates, they will play the winner either Friday or Saturday. Stay tune.
Action shots taken at this years' Superbowl can be found by click the above banner - NOW!
Eastside 7 vs. Park Forest 20
This game was immediately marketed as "two undefeated teams... will clash" one, a newcomer to the WCK, the other a legacy team who has proved that they know how to win these types of games. Who will be able to protect their team record and win the 2011 Junior Varsity title?

Well it took all of the allotted 40 minutes of play to determine this, but once the dust settled it was the Hurricanes, the newcomer, who prevailed, 20-7. 

Now they didn't win without problems. In fact, early in the game, when they were moving down the field, they turn the ball over - stopping their drive. From here, they gained the composure and trusted the game planned. Shortly after this, they got on the board with a eight-yard pass to Richard Smalling. The Hurricanes have kicked extra points all season and today was no different. They were able to successfully convert the extra point with a field goal (8-0).

Park Forest was able to get on the board again right before halftime with a short run by Kevin Pate... this time the extra point conversion was no good (14-0).

During halftime, Eastside calmed down and got back to the foundation of their team. This was definitely a good formula because they were able to score for the first time today. The scored was provided by Aries Andrew. In addition, they were able to convert the extra point (14-7).

In a word... B-A-L-L-G-A-M-E!  You knew from the onset, that this would be a competitive game, based on the both teams records.
On the kickoff, Mr. Smalling fumbled the ball at midfield - the Bulldogs recovered. Momentum began to swing towards the Kankakee team. Unfortunately, this momentum was short lived due to a fourth down fumble that was recovered now by the Hurricanes.

Once the Hurricanes got the ball, their offense had an attack of the hiccups at the line where they received three consecutive false starts. This backed them up 25 yards deep in their own territory. But, these calls didn't keep them from scoring once more. With the ball now in Bulldogs territory (on the 31), Mr. Smalling, who was in the Wildcat ran the ball in for their final score of the game. Extra point conversion was no good (20-7). To secure the victory, the Hurricanes picked off a Bulldogs pass with 1:41 left to play.

What a great game and great season for both teams.... you just hate to see anyone lose but in order to hoist the Superbowl trophy, someone does. Congratulations to the new kids on the block - the Park Forest Hurricanes!

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Richton Park 19 vs.  Eastside 6
In the final game of the day, two number one seeds with identical records, 7-1, faced each other.  This game proved to be physical and smartly played by both teams.

On the opening drive, the Raiders went three-and-out, but on the fourth down punt, the ball was snapped over the punters head and downed / recovered on the three-yard line.  Thus, the Eastside Bulldogs were licking their chops at the balls location for their opening possession.  Three plays later - TOUCHDOWN EASTSIDE.... The score was made by Jerrico Johnson. The extra point conversation was no good (6-0).

Both teams clamped down on defense - holding each other from the end zone until midway through the second quarter when Richton Park scored. They were able to score with a nice, long setup run by Jordan Boyd. He didn't get in the end zone on the long run, but a few plays later, he carried the defense in with a short physical run. The Raiders failed to make the extra-point (6-6).

In the third quarter, Mr. J. Boyd established another long run. This time, his twin brother, Bryan Boyd took the ball across the goal line for the Raiders second score. Extra point failed (12-6).
From here, the Raiders defense stood strong against the highly powered Bulldogs offense, keeping them out of the end zone in the second half. I don't think any team has done this this season. To cap things off, the Raiders scored once more in the fourth on a quarterback keeper and a successful extra point (19-6).

Congratulations to the both teams on a fantastic season. Raiders... way to play hard and demonstrate the Raider way, in which you captured another Superbowl title.

NOTE: VIDEO FOR THIS GAME IS AVAILABLE NOW ~click here to order, or visit our store.

~You can see the FINAL league standings by clicking here.

National Conference Finals
Saturday 10/22 at Brother Rice - 11am

WIDGETS - Hazel Crest 6 vs. CC Hills 7

PEEWEES –  CC Hills 0 vs. Richton Pk 7

JV’s - Kankakee 12 vs. Park Forest 13

VARSITY - CC Hills vs. Richton Pk 7
  American Conference Finals
Sunday 10/23 at Brother Rice - 11am

WIDGETS – Chicago 6 vs. 2 So.Holland 12

PEEWEES – So.Holland 31 vs 1 Eastside 6

JV’s - So.Holland 13 vs Eastside 19

VARSITY - University Pk 6 vs Eastside 12 (OT)

~You can see the FINAL league standings by clicking here.
NATIONAL at CCHills Sports Complex 11am

Widgets - Kankakee 6  vs CC Hills 13

PEEWEES - Kankakee 0 vs
CC Hills 6

JV's- CC Hills 7 vs
Park Forest 26

Varsity - Park Forest 14 vs
CC Hills 24

at Brother Rice HS 11am
Widgets- Chicago 21 vs Eastside 0

Peewees - University Pk 0 vs Eastside 32

JV'S - University Pk 7 vs Eastside 30

Varsity - Matteson 6 vs Eastside 33
NATIONAL at CC Hills Sports Complex 11am

Widgets - Hazel Crest 20 vs 2 Richton Pk 6

Peewee - Markham 7 vs
1 Richton Pk 12

JV's -
Kankakee 12 vs 2 Richton Pk 7

Varsity - Markham 0 vs 1 Richton Pk 34


ERICAN at Thornwood HS 10am
Widgets- Matteson 0 vs So.Holland 7

Peewees - Matteson 0  vs So.Holland 38

JV - Chicago 12 vs 2 So. Holland 20

VARSITY - University Pk 24 vs 2 So.Holland 19

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