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Week 6 recap

by Prez Ro
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ASNN365 - As we stated in the Week 5 summary, week 6 is putting four undefeated teams on the same field this weekend:  Chicago takes on South Holland (Widgets), and Country Club Hills takes on Markham (PeeWee), and someone will receive their first lose: Who was it? In addition, a few more team celebrated their homecomings and featuring a farewell acknowledgement to their 8th graders as they moved on. And to top things off, the Cougars (Jr. Varsity) is the first division conference champion of the season and several teams have clinched a playoff berth.

Our game of the week was between University Park and Matteson Bears. First and foremost, Matteson family, thanks for all of your support and hospitality. We definitely appreciated it. Now to the games...

It was homecoming Saturday for the Bears. Off the top, two staples were missing from the field of play, Sergeant Ray Evans (the voice) and Spiritman. But as you know, the show must go on and the Bears put on a show in this contest with a triple overtime game to get the day started. The Lions got on the board first with a quarterback sweep. They also scored on a 48 yard sprint in the third quarter to take the early lead, 13-0. The Bears were not going to be shutout... they tossed a 35 yard screen pass which they were able to dash down the field for their first score of the day making the score 13-6. Matteson was able to tie the game up with 27 seconds left on a big 75 yard sprint. Now it was time for OVERTIME...  In the first overtime, with the ball on the 10 yard line, no one was able to score. In the second OT, UP took advantage of the field position and scored with ease. Not to me outdone, the Bears took advantage of two penalties, offsides and encroachment, and muscled the ball in for the score, which took the game into overtime number 3. The Bears won the coin flip again and on the first play, ran the ball in but their extra point failed, which proved to be the nail because the Lions scored on their third possession and converted the extra point. What a game!!!  Lions Final score: 27-26 Lions! Player of the game was Lions number 10.

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In game number 2, the Lions took the early lead on an interception by the Bears in the first quarter. The Bears were able to tie the game up at 6 in the second quarter on a short run into the endzone.  
Matteson picked off a UP pass with 27 seconds left in the half but wasn't able to convert that into any points. Both teams moved the ball back n forth in the middle of the field but couldn't score until the fourth quarter when the Bears burst down the field for 35 yards and the score to take the lead, 12-6. The Lions were not giving up, with 46 left in the contest, they were able to tie the game up at 12 and stopped the Bears threat in the final seconds with an interception... Overtime!  In overtime, the Bears were able to score first and hold the Lions out of the endzone. Wow... What a way to get the first two games off on Homecoming weekend for the Matteson Bears. Final score: 18-12 OT Bears.

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Now that the first two games were very intense, this game proved to  be decided early as the Matteson Bears outscored the University Park Lions. The Lions controlled the ball in the first quarter for more than 9 minutes but were not able to score. Once the Bears received the ball, they tossed a screen pass which turned into a 60-yard score, 6-0. UP answered on the kickoff in which they returned the ball for 57 yards to tie the game 6-6. From this point on, the Bears got their offense going which also fueled their defense. They scored shortly after this on a short run (12-6),  then Pate, recovered a fumble and ran the ball all the way down the field inside of the red zone. A couple plays later, the Bears tossed a short screen and punched it in taking a commanding lead 18-6, and with 47 seconds left, the Bears scored again on a 56 yard burst.
Final score:25-6 Bears.

In the final contest of the day, under the lights, it was varsity time. The Bears defense got team on the board first by scooping up a fumble and running it in with 6:07 left in the second quarter 6-0.
The  Lions took the lead on an 80-yard sprint... whew! 6-7 Lions. What a fantastic and well executed play. Both teams from this point on just tussled back n forth down the field - keeping each other out of the endzone until the fourth quarter when the Bears player Driver got into the endzone not once but twice, on a 32-yard run, and the other with a short run, which took a commanding lead of 20-6. From here, the Bears never looked back but they did receive a scare when the Lions ran back an amazing kickoff return that resulted into a touchdown with 2:54 left in the game 20-14.  The Lions setup for an onside kick but the ball never traveled the necessary 10 yards and the Bears received the ball and ran out the clock for the win. Final score: 20-14 Bears.

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