top 10 highest paid athletes

by Prez Ro 

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The business of team Tiger Woods has been taking on water the past two years when sponsors like Accenture, AT&T, Gillette and PepsiCo all jumped ship, plus his golf course design business has been hammered by the economic downturn. Then on top of all of that, his winless streak on the course is at 20 months and counting, and the former No. 1 golfer in the world is now ranked 13th. Woods’ annual earnings have plummeted $50 million over the past two years. Yet he is still the highest-paid athlete in the world–and it isn’t even a close call.

Woods earned $75 million over the past 12 months, easily outdistancing second-ranked Kobe Bryant, who made $53 million.

1. Tiger Woods, $75 Million
2. Kobe Bryant, $53 Million
3. LeBron James, $48 Million
4. Roger Federer, $47 Million
5. Phil Mickelson, $46.5 Million
6. David Beckham, $40 Million
7. Cristiano Ronaldo, $38 Million
8. Alex Rodriguez, $35 Million
9. Michael Schumacher, $34 Million
10. Lionel Messi, $32.2 Million

BONUS: 50% of Black men make up this list...

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