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by Genya Harley 

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Your Intimacy is Yielding Fear
Hello Folks,

Many of you have been reading Genya's Financial Tip of the Week for almost 2 years. Also, if you are me (and your not) you might give Genya a hard time when you meet with her and tell her that you don't have the money to be worried about getting some life insurance or saving for your retirement. I know that Genya the "Mother Theresa" of insurance will always makes herself available to everyone to help.

I would tell you that Genya is probably the most professional, customer-minded, knowledgeable, licensed agents I know.

I need to tell you that it is really important to take care your health, your wealth and your health go hand in hand, and each can be effected dramatically by the other.
This is why I want to tell everyone that it is really important for you to SAVE THE DATE on your calendar so that you and your family and friends can attend the wealth and health seminar titled "It's All About YOU!" because it is really all about YOU! Helping you to grow in your finances, and improve your health.

This seminar will provide you an opportunity to meet ME along with many other speakers that are there to help all that makes you, YOU!

For example, you will have me there to kick off the seminar and speak to you re: The mental health; Genya will be there to speak to you financial health; Da-Nay Macklin is there to talk to you about changing your life/the way you think; Cynthia Fitch, CPA, will talk to you financially, Davetta "Dee" Collins will speak to you inspirationally, Sherwood Grant will speak to you about the importance of diet and exercise, Erika Fitzpatrick Mead will help you get your ZUMBA exercise on....we will all be here on Sat. Nov. 12 for YOU!

Tickets are $20 at door at the Matteson Hotel & Conference Center, 500 Holiday Plaza Dr., Matteson 60443 or call 773-251-1865 for more information. I LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING ALL OF YOU! You can contact me via email if you need any more information.

Until next always be safe, use wisdom.


If you would like more information or if you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please call me or email me at 773-251-1865 or, or

Genya Harley
Financial Consultant
Mutual of Omaha
19255 Everett Lane, Suite C
Mokena, IL 60448

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