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by Genya Harley 

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Hello All:
I am back. Some of you out there who are my clients know that I have not communicated in about 3 weeks due to a sudden aneurysm my father had over well over month ago.
In all of the emotional ups and downs that I have been through in the last 6 weeks, please know that it is only my faith and my dear friends and family that helped to bring me and my brother through. Navigating this new road with my dad's recovery has only just begun...

I will be giving you more information over the next several weeks in an effort to help you do advanced planning or assist you while you may be going through a situation similar to mine. Advanced planning can really be a matter of life and death!!! Many of the tips that I have given you, I have had to put them to use.
As Oprah says, "What I know for sure" that I will be able to help you or at least start you thinking about, "What if that happens to me, what will I do?"
The only thing I want to say for today is please do not take any Moment, any Day or any Person you LOVE....FOREGRANTED...ever! When we hear people say, "The next day is not promised to you", it is the truth! My father is living on life support right now and is severely incapacitated!
My dad was visiting with his 2 sisters on a Monday afternoon and sitting with me and my brother laughing that Monday night .... the next day, Tuesday, he never knew that from that day and over the next 6 weeks of his life, it would change DRAMATICALLY and continues to change!
If you are serious about you and your families finances then you will want to read and HEED what I have to say over the next couple of weeks. If you have any questions please call me or email me.
Until safe, use wisdom!


Genya Harley
Financial Consultant
Mutual of Omaha
19255 Everett Lane, Suite C
Mokena, IL 60448

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