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by Genya Harley 

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Putting into Practice - what I preach

Hello All:
Happy Sunday! I hope that you will read this tip and share it with everyone you know. I will get straight to the point.
This week and maybe for weeks to come will be a true test and sobering reminder of my ability to put in practice some things that I have been advising you all about for over the past 2 years. I'll come back to my issue and why in a minute.
1. If you DO NOT HAVE LIFE INSURANCE and if someone in your immediate family that you even think you may have to care for them and their business affairs etc. and they DO NOT have life insurance.....get IT from me.....this week!!!!! Do not DELAY....Get a policy started TODAY!!!!
2. If you still have living parents or a parent and you think you will have to care for them if they get sick or incapacitated....sit down and start asking questions if you haven't already. Do NOT ASSUME THAT YOU KNOW EVERYTHING about your loved one(s) business affairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a. I know it might be one of the hardest things you could ever do, but ask them about their there a mortgage still on the house? Do you have many bills or debts? What bills do you have to pay every month? What is your source of income? Do you have a bank account? Who do you bank with? Do you have a pension or savings account?
b. Who is your doctor? What is the phone number and address?
c. Do you have a Will? Who do you want to be the executor or power of attorney over your estate?
d. What are your final wishes? Where do you want to be buried? How do you want to be laid to rest?
3. If your parent(s) want you to oversee their affairs....GET A DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY document drawn up TODAY! You can get a template of this document from an attorney or get it online from websites like Sit down with them and sign and date it, then have it notorized! If you need a Notary....CALL ME, I am a NOTARY!
4. If they do not have a WILL....get one started TODAY! You can consult with an attorney or you can draw one up on your own...again, you can go to a website like and get one for starting around $70+??? I drew up my own WILL using and it was very easy to do!
Let me be clear, YOU HAVE TO PUT THESE MEASURES IN PLACE if you haven't already...DO IT TODAY! I cannot put enough emphasis on this. This is a DIRECT APPEAL! WHY??????
This week, some of you know, my dad (65 years old) had a massive anuerysm in his brain and the doctors thought he had a brain tumor!!!! My father was fine when I saw him this past Monday night, I talked him Tuesday Tuesday night we were rushing him by ambulance to the emergency room because he was complaining of severe pain in the back of his head! By the early morning hours of Wednesday he was being airlifted to a hospital so that they could do surgery on his brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD?????
I cannot tell you how I felt, it was like everything just began to spiral waayyyyyyyy out of control! I had to try to keep myself calm and with the help of friends like Khalid and my family it wouldn't be possible for me to even write this right now.
I will say that my dad is a little more stable, but he is not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination...he is still on a ventilator and may have to go through months of rehabilitation. We are PRAYING!
The sobering moment for me was when the hospital he is in requested some medical records and x-rays and sent me over to another one to pick them up. The woman in the medical records department told me, "We have to follow the law and I do not care if you are a wife, daughter etc...I have to have a Power of Attorney document before I can release anything to you!"
I thank God that my dad had the mind to put this into place back in 2007....why? because as we speak, I am in a position where I have to handle all of his affairs.
GET A POWER OF ATTORNEY DOCUMENT TODAY!!!! WHY???? Because YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GO TO THE BANK on your loved ones behalf. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CONSENT to their medical treatment and there is a whole long list of other things YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DO if you do not have it!!!
Also, I have comfort knowing that if my dad should pass away he has life insurance. I will be able to pay his bills and lay him to rest confortably without the burden of "WHERE AM I GOING TO GET THE MONEY FROM?"
I have said enough. PLEASE hear my plea and act TODAY! Call me with questions, concerns or comments! Even while I dealing with my own affairs, I am here to HELP YOU! Thanks for reading.

As always, be safe, use wisdom.


Genya Harley
Financial Consultant
Mutual of Omaha
19255 Everett Lane, Suite C
Mokena, IL 60448

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