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by Prez Ro 

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Do you think you know everything about golf? If so, take a few minutes to take our golf knowledge test... if not, take the test anyway, and learn more about this sport...

All you have to do is match the items on the left with the correct answer on the right side... answer key is provided below via a link.

Good luck.... F-O-R-E!!!!!!
  1. Hole-in-one   A. A short stroke used to roll the ball along the green  
  2. Cup   B. Number of strokes officially allowed for one particular hole. It is basically established by distance. It allows two putts for each green with perfect playing  
  3. Rough   C. One stroke over par  
  4. Double Bogey   D. Pole with flag attached bearing correct number of hole  
  5. Fore   E. Three strokes under par  
  6. Fairway   F. Water, sand, anything placed to put a demand on the accuracy of the hit of the player  
  7. Lie   G. Number of strokes over par in which any ones game is played. In a match game these strokes are deducted  
  8. Links or golf course   H. One stroke under par  
  9. Bunker   I. Long grass along fairway  
  10. Bogey   J. Verbal warning to other playing or watching  
  11. Putt   K. A soft sand obstacle  
  12. Caddie   L. Two strokes over par  
  13. Flagstick   M. Tells how the ball rests  
  14. Handicap   N. Hole into which ball is hit. It is 4 1/4" in diameter and at least 4" deep  
  15. Eagle   O. Short grass area immediately surrounding cup or hole  
  16. Hazards   P. Wooden or plastic peg about 3" in length on which ball is set to hit  
  17. Stroke   Q. Piece of grass and soil dug up when hitting ball  
  18. Birdie   R. Person who carries clubs for golfer during the game  
  19. Tee   S. The area over which the game is played  
  20. Double Eagle   T. Area where play for each hole begins  
  21. Green   U. Mowed grass between teeing ground and green  
  22. Divot   V. Two strokes under par  
  23. Teeing Ground   W. Forward motion used to hit the ball  
  24. Par   X. Completing a hole by one stroke  

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