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Despite the blizzard of 2011 in the Chicagoland area student-athletes signed their official Letter of Intent various sports including football, hockey, soccer, track and field, and cross-country. They are as follows:

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Adeyanju, James, Curie, Wisconsin, Football, DE
Allen, Christian, Rich, South, Southern, Univ, Football,
Banks, Michael, Mt, Carmel, IL, State, Football,
Banks, Horactio, Simeon, Ball, State, Football, RB
Barryhill, Randy, Mt, Carmel, Indiana, State, Football, DB
Bradley, Theo, Bishop, Mac, Indiana, State, Football, WR
Bryant, Christian, Simeon, Michigan, Football, OT
Coglianese, Amanda, Providence, Indiana, State, Football,
Conlon, Aidan, HF, Northern, IL, Football, OL
Danzy, Jabari, Marian, Cath, Northern, IL, Soccer,
Dargis, Matt, Stagg, Loras, Soccer,
Dickson, Eric, Simeon, McKendree, Football, DB
Durkin, Tony, Andrew, Illinois, Football, C
Earl, Garrett, Joliet, Cath, Augustana, (SD), Football, DB
Elliott, Andrew, Joliet, Cath, Nebraska-Omaha, Football, LB
Elzy, Devonte, Simeon, Northwood, Football, WR
Fallon, Ben, Marist, Harvard, Football, K
Fejedelem, Clayton, Lemont, St., Xavier, Football, DB
Ferguson, Josh, Joliet, Cath, Illinois, Football, RB
Flavin, Pat, Benet, Illinois, Football, OL
Frazier, Matt, Bishop, Mac, Northwestern, Football, OL
Fuller, Mason, Urban, Prep, Northern, IL, Football, DT
Gorski, Tim, St., Rita, W., Kentucky, Football, TE
Grider, Jeff, Sandburg, Valpariso, Soccer,
Johnson, Dimitri, Thornridge, W., Kentucky, Football, DE
Kappel, Victoria, Sandburg, W., Illinois, Soccer,
Kersten, Matt, Montini, Butler, Football, K
Kintzel, Kevin, LW, West, Western, IL, Football, DB
Kolodziej, Alex, Joliet, Cath, St., Xavier, Football, WR
Laneve, Vince, Chgo, Christian, Judson, Track, &, Field,
Lembke, Dan, Providence, Boston, College, Football, OL
Lewers, Kelly, HF, Wis-Milwaukee, Soccer,
Lisenby, Josh, De, La, Salle, N, Dakota, State, Football, DE
Lojek, Tom, Stagg, St., Xavier, Soccer,
Lurquin, Brian, St., Rita, Wis-Plattville, Football,
Luscombe, Ian, LW, East, Butler, Football, OL
Markasovic, Frank, Providence, St., Xavier, Football, OL
McCall, Mikail, Thornridge, Iowa, Football, RB
McCoy, Dontae, Shepard, IL, State, Football, LB
Meehan, Pat, LW, East, IL, State, Football, LB
Mettille, Mike, Joliet, Cath, Penn, Football, LB
Mizera, Joe, LW, East, Fordham, Football, C
Moesele, Carson, Sandburg, Indiana, State, Soccer,
Murphy, Claire, Andrew, Loras, Soccer,
O'Conner, Chris, Andrew, Illinois, Football, DE
O'Neill, Kevin, Andrew, Wis-Whitewater, Football,
Ostrowski, Brittany, Providence, St., Ambrose, Soccer,
Owens, Jacolby, Thornridge, Ball, State, Football, WR
Ratliff, Gerrick, De, La, Salle, Indiana, State, Football, DB
Reed, Christina, Providence, Cincy, Soccer,
Reed, Demarius, Simeon, Eastern, Mich, Football, DB
Rinaldi, Greg, Andrew, Wis-Plattville, Football,
Rouse, Mike, HF, Purdue, Football, DT
Rouse, Kyle, Joliet, Cath, Air, Force, Football, OL
Scott, Emily, Andrew, Wis-Milwaukee, Soccer,
Scott, Darius, Simeon, Eastern, Mich, Football, DB
Sheahan, Jack, St., Rita, Yale, Football,
Sheeran, Ryan, St., Laurence, Lawrence, Cross-Country,
Simpson, Demetrius, Simeon, Western, IL, Football, DE
Skalitzky, Michael, Marist, Columbia, Football,
Slate, DeAndre, LW, East, Fordham, Football, DT
Starks, Travis, St., Rita, Indiana, State, Football,
Templeton, Ryan, T.F., South, Florida, A&M, Football,
Thames, Dee, Joliet, Cath, Joliet, JC, Football, RB
Venckus, Jason, St., Laurence, Central, Missouri, Football,
Vernon, Victor, Providence, Indiana, State, Football, DL
Verzbicas, Lukas, Sandburg, Oregon, Track, &, Field,
Weaver, Cody, Providence, Wis-Whitewater, Football, RB
Williams, Jarrell, Richards, Northwestern, Football, DB
Zaremba, Kasey, LW, East, North, Central, Cross-Country,
Zumpf, Katelyn, LW, East, North, Central, Cross-Country,

(All, names, supplied, by, schools)

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