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by Prez Ro, Matteson, IL

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School spirit is emotional support for one's educational institution. This can apply to any type of school, from grade schools to universities. It can be manifested in the exhibition of school colors in dress and decoration, attendance of athletic events, or verbally in the form of chants or cheers.

Educators in primary and secondary education often associate proper behavior with school spirit, especially in the context of situations when students are outside the school itself. Because student behavior reflects on the school, representing it well shows a degree of student investment in their institution's good name. This definition of school spirit is closely associated with good sportsmanship among students and their families at sporting events and is loosely based upon encouraging each other.
School spirit is a lot like faith, you either have it or you don’t. Its taking pride in being a part of a community, a community of people not much different from yourself. School spirit is taking time to support your school’s integrity and believing that its good name is a direct reflection upon yourself. School spirit is essentially drawn from the students that have it, without students that truly believe in supporting their school in all of its endeavors, school spirit couldn’t exist. School spirit is what drives people to put their school name up in lights and advertise their school as though they are bragging.

An easy and effective way to raise school spirit is to have some healthy competition. School spirit has to come from the heart, and if the heart isn't there, neither is the school spirit. Something everyone will want, gifts certificate or a prize. Give something to the girl guy with the most school spirit. People love getting free stuff, and it will bring out all those looking for some attention. There are many ways of raising school spirit within a school; its just finding the one that best fits the individuals that you are targeting that decides how effectively it works. The difference is the people, the individuals that either come together under the name of their school, or simply put, don't. Those who play sports take pride in making it known but those who don't, walk around oblivious to the fact that their team is even playing. Sell hot-dogs, school merchandise, candy and refreshments. The simple act of giving the well-spirited people recognition can help to encourage more to try and be noticed. differs from place to place because of the students. If you can make an everyday home game a high profile event, you've accomplished the mission. Bring out a radio station, a local business or local celebrity. When you go from school to school or even year-to-year, you can usually see an obvious difference between them.

Those without spirit simply look upon the others with envy, wishing they could be having as much fun. Showing spirit is unmasked, old fashioned fun with a purpose, to bring joy to others. A route taken by the braver students is team sports. Though they may not realize the magnitude, these students represent their school in a huge way. By simply wearing a team jersey, students stand out as brave and courageous spirit leaders. Often times, students who are afraid to join a school team are those students who lack a strong sense of pride. Provided that a student maintain a good attitude and acceptable grades.

1. Go to the games and wear your school (or teams) colors: Go to the games. If your school has football then go to those games. My school has basketball so I go to those games. Just go to their sporting events and be a fan.

2. Don't be afraid to support your school (or team), even if they lose: Just the other my school lost the state championship for basketball but when I saw one of the team members in the local store I said, "Y'all did good. I'm proud of y'alls hard work."

3. Learn your school's cheers, fight song, and anthem: My school, we got a cheer that says, "Lets go bobcats...." so cheer with the crowd.

4. Participate in school activities. Remember, your school has more than just athletics and cheerleading: My school has 4-H and FCCLA and FFA. If your school has those or Drama club or other clubs like chess join those if you want or help with those clubs.

5. If you're really enthusiastic, try out to be your school's mascot: I was mascot once for my old school. We never got an outfit for me but you can do that if you want. Be the mascot. Have fun.

6. Help to produce your school's homecoming game, dance, or parade: I always help set up for my school homecoming so you could help run the snack stand or other things like that.

7. Volunteer to work the ticket counter or concession stand at games: I don't pass out the food but I always help set up the snack stand so you help with that.

8. Help create the school's yearbook: Two words for this "Spirit Week" Be apart of spirit week and when they take pictures you'll be ready for book worthy pictures.

9. Write or take photographs for the student newspaper: My school doesn't have one of those but if yours does talk with whoever is in charge and see if they have an open spot. They might just need someone.

10. Design a t-shirt or bumper sticker, button, or key chain for your school, class, or club. If it's a really great one, you could sell it as a fund raiser for your club: talk with the club leaders and get ideas and go from their.

11. Encourage others who show their school spirit, but don't insist on it: Have fun at games. Start the wave or something. Have fun with your friends.

12. Make sure to respect other schools: Don't start fights with them. Just be respectful.

School Spirit Ideas #1: Creative Poster!
Preparing creative posters is probably the most basic school spirit ideas it truly is usually used in athletic and sports events. As an example, in case your school is participating in an inter school basketball match, then you definitely can create attractive posters with inspirational sayings to lift the moral of the team. It’s also possible to write some special names of your team players and cheer them with those names.
School spirit ideas for football games include colorful and inventive poster decorations with matching colors of your school logo! The signs and messages on those posters must foster a spirit of true sportsmanship and may not offend or hurt the opposition. In any function, school posters inside the hands of students are an effective way of communicating with the team.
School Spirit Ideas #2: Signs that Represent Spirit of college (or learning institution or team)!
The college (or learning institution or team) spirit ideas shall be emphatically emphasized by including handheld signs that convey a variety of meaning! The hand held signs are an excellent style of visual presentation that foster a spirit of friendship and unity. You should utilize interesting symbols and draw images on cardboard and then carry them to motivate and inspire the team. You’ll be able to create special themes and spirit songs for sports rallies and other events that represent the spirit of the college (or learning institution or team).

School Spirit Ideas #3: Organize a Pride Day!
One of many interesting school spirit ideas for prime school students is to precise their gratitude and love for their school. The students can organize a faculty pride day and inform all students to wear T-shirts with their logo on it. Students is also asked to precise their creativity in numerous forms like painting faces, fingernails, etc. The team heads can announce that students from every grade will probably be selected by a voting system, and the perfect 10 might be awarded some prices. To implement this concept students can check with their respective class teachers.

School Spirit Ideas #4: Involve Parents!
To reinforce the bonds a number of the parents, teachers and students, the thought of a family night spirits is exceptional. Check for restaurants to your locality that supply packages for a combined dinner.

Besides these spirit ideas, you may also incorporate the premise of having ‘school spirit week’ within which you may allot every day of the week for some special events like ‘favorite color day’, ‘favorite dress day’, etc. Provide you with creative themes which can make nowadays special. Lastly, school spirit ideas aim at imparting connectivity and bonding among students, however, if some students can not participate in some programs, it shouldn’t be made a subject matter. The scholar must never feel unwanted and the faculty must make it possible for such students are as a minimum a component of the group, or can contribute in some different ways! Of course it’s a team work and every child is special!!

The thrill and enthusiasm we experience while we stand united with our faculty is just amazing. This newsletter gives various school spirit ideas…

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