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by Prez Ro, Matteson, IL

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For those of us that watch sports religiously and question just about everything from the certain play calls to starting line-up to uniforms... but one position we often second guess is the officials who call the game. We love to second guess officials...

In most cases, these guys, and girls, do attend lots of clinics and special training classes not to mention they are human. Like we don't make a mistake....

So, we thought that it would be fun for you to take a simple quiz on rules in sports.

Ready? Grab a notepad (or napkin) and take our quiz below

NOTE: do NOT use Google either....

1. A baseball player deliberately catches a fair ball with his hat. How many bases is the batter awarded?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. None, the batter is out

2. Which of the following circumstances does NOT drag a flag in the NFL...
A. kicker horse-collars a kick returner
B. QB horse-collars a defender on a turnover (i.e., interception or fumble)
C. Defender horse-collars a QB inside the pocket
D. Defender horse-collars a QB outside of the pocket

3. What is the maximum Pit Road speed a NASCAR track can allow?
A. 5 mph
B. 25 mph
C. 45 mph
D. 55 mph


4. What is the penalty assessed to an NCAA basketball player who dunks during warm-ups?
A. Technical Foul
B. Technical Foul and ejection
C. Technical Foul, ejection and one-game suspension
D. Technical Foul, ejection, one-game suspension and a spanking

5. NBA: A shooter launches an off-balance runner on his way to the basket that touches nothing, including a defender or the basket. He snags it out of the air and puts the ball into the hoop. Does the basket count?

6. NFL: The QB is under center and has a snap go through his legs. The QB never touches the ball. Is the ball live?

7. Which of the following is NOT a legal play in NHL...
A. A hand pass between teammates in the defensive zone
B. A hand pass between teammates in the offensive zone
C. A kick pass to a teammate
D. A kick puck that deflects off a defensemen's stick and into the goal

8. Which of the following beverages is banned for consumption during a fight?
A. Monster Energy Drink
B. Red Bull
C. Mountain Dew
D. All of the above

9. Which of the following moves by an MLB pitcher is NOT a balk with a runner on base:
A. Pitcher begins to throw while the catcher is out of the catcher's box
B. Pitcher drops the ball while on the rubber
C. Right-hander fakes a pickoff to third (with a runner on third) then spins to try a pickoff at first
D. Lefthander fakes a pickoff to first (with a runner on first) then spins to try a pickoff at third

10. NCAA Football: Team A blocks the extra point of Team B. A player on Team A attempts to advance the ball but retreats into the end zone and is tackled. Team B is awarded what?
A. 1 point
B. 2 points
C. 6 points
D. Nothing... it's a dead ball

11. True or False: During a fake punt in the NFL, the end man on the line for the defense cannot be called for pass interference on a gunner-turned-receiver?

12. NCAA Basketball: when a free throw shooter is injured, who decides what other player will take the shots in his place?
A. the coach of the injured player
B. the coach of the opposing team
C. the ref
D. Barack Obama

13. NCAA Football: two players on the same team can wear the same number... and play the same position?
True or False

14. An NBA player steps into the frontcourt with one foot and bounces the ball once across the midcourt line while his other foot remains in the backcourt. He then pulls both the front foot and ball back into the backcourt. Is this a backcourt violation?
Yes or No

15. NFL: a pass that ricochets off the crossbar or upright is a live ball?
True or False...

16. MLB: With runners on first and second and one out, a batter hits a line drive towards first base. The runner with the first baseman playing behind him, heads back to first. He is hit with the ball while standing on the base. Is he out?

17. The Redskins start the game by kicking off from the 30-yard line to the Falcons. The Redskins' kicker kicks the ball out of bounds at the Falcons' 32-yard line. The official throws his flag, indicating an illegal procedure. Where is the ball spotted?
A. At the Falcons' 32-yard line.
B. At the Falcons' 40-yard line.
C. At the Redskins' 25-yard line.
D. At the Falcons' 20-yard line.

18. A Jets defensive lineman, trying to entice a Patriots offensive lineman to false start, snarls and growls at the man before feigning motion. The Patriots lineman, paying more attention to the Jets lineman than to the snap count, raises out of his stance. None of the officials closest to the player--the head linesman, line judge, umpire or referee--hear the growling Jet. What does the referee call?
A. Delay of game on the defense
B. Illegal motion on the offense
C. Offside's on the defense
D. False start on the offense

19. The home team is required to provide how many footballs for game play (not including kicking situations)?
A. 36
B. 32
C. 28
D. 24

20. Which official functions as the backup timekeeper?
A. Head Linesman
B. Field Judge
C. Umpire
D. Line Judge

Which two officials are responsible for ruling on the success of a field goal attempt?
A. Back Judge and Field Judge
B. Back Judge and Umpire
C. Field Judge and Side Judge
D. Umpire and Side Judge

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Here is your opportunity to stop hating the media and actually become it!

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