lebron james: batman or robin?

by Prez Ro 

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Lebron James seems like the type of player that wants to be Batman, but often becomes Robin in a split second. And to this point, it's our fault! Why? Because in high school, he was nationally known as 'the next...' So imagine every since you were 10, people around you told you were something special in your current field - whatever it is... so when you finally get to the highest point of your current field, people catapulted you on a pedestal that you haven't proved worthy of.... in a word E-G-O!!!! That's Bron! 

I'm not in a position to say he doesn't work hard.... nor that he's not a student of the game... but what he has illustrated over his 7 years is, he doesn't have that 'it' factor... 'It' meaning... it's 3 minutes left in the game and we are down by 5... and he takes over - not just scoring but ATTITUDE.

Best quote I've heard recently concerning basketball was from my man Jalen Rose... Teamwork isn't collectively passing the ball or dressing the same... teamwork is the ability to challenge a teammate, even if it gets physical and definitely verbal, and NO one takes it personally or OUTSIDE OF THE LOCKER (or virtually on twitter or facebook)!

Remember the stories of Jordan fighting Steve Kerr.... Jordan challenging everyone to stay after practice to gel... Kobe telling a teammate that if you show up late again to my practice then you can stay where you were... now ask yourself, do you see Bron saying that and people respecting his words?

picture care of Countdown 2 Lebron

Bron comes off as if he will always need a Chauncey Billups style player in order to be truly successful on the court... and it's nothing wrong with that but don't stand in front of fans, who are spending their hard earned money, and claim to be something you are not... Success is not measured by victories, endorsements or fame, it's measured by integrity, respect and growth.
Here is Brons' career development in Cleveland... while reading it, ask yourself, should he have stayed?
2003-4: 35-47 (rookie)
2004-5: 42-40
2005-6: 50-32 (playoffs)
2006-7: 50-32 (playoffs)
2007-8: 45-37 (playoffs)
2008-9: 66-16 (won conference)
2009-10: 61-21 (won conference)
2010-11: 43-21 (Miami - thru 64 games)

The above stats look like gradual development to me, in a small, irrelevant market where he owned EVERYTHING!!!

picture courtesy of  PC District

NOTE: standings care of: http://espn.go.com/nba/standings/_/year/2010

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