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Week 2 around the Will-Cook league

by Prez Ro
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

ASNN365 - We have guessed that Mother Nature is a football fan because she provided the Chicagoland area some beautiful weather. On the actual field, what another exciting weekend of contest.  Things got started Saturday with the Battle of Kankakee where the  Bulldogs out lasted the Colts in all four contest (19-12; 26-6; 22-13; 13-7 OT). In another contest on Saturday, the Cougars nearly swept all four contest against the Bears but Mattesons' varsity answered with a single touchdown which proved to be the winning score.

On Sunday, not to be outdone, the Lions continue to roar loudly in the league obtaining a clean sweep this weekend over Mustangs (14-0; 12-6 OT; 7-0 OT; 20-0), while Markham and Chicago split and Raiders avoid a sweep against the Jets. This is where we were this weekend.



This contest got started with an opening fumble by the Jets, recovered to the Raiders. The Raiders used this turnover to get on the scoreboard first with a 54 yard run by Malik Harris making the score 7 - 0.  The Raiders answered in the second quarter with a 2 yard run by Ahron Ulis. This tied the score @ 7.

The score remained tied until 17.8 left in the contest when Mr. Harris sprinted down the field, 65 yards for the winning touchdown. Final score 14 -7. For all scores click here.

The Jets scored first with a short run by DeShawn Doss in the second quarter (extra point failed). They scored again on a 25 yard scamper by Jaleel "Bullet" Mason late in the fourth (12-0). The Raiders were not giving up, they got on the board less than a minute after Mr. Masons' score on a touchdown pass from Mehki Miller to Jonathan "mighty mouse" Almond making the score 12-6. The Raiders got one more shot on a late fumble recovery between the quarterback and center, but they failed to successfully score. Final score 12-6.
For all scores click here.

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It was battle for field position and possessions with both teams feeling each other out and not able to capitalize on mistakes and turnovers, but in the second quarter, Darshon "rabbit"  McCullough sprinted down the field for 80 yards and the first score (7-0). Shortly afterwards, the Raiders answered with score of their own by Jordan Boyd (7-7).

The Jets relaxed and scored two more times before halftime. One on a touchdown pass from Marcus Hussey to Albert Haskins (extra point failed), and the other on a blocked punt by Joshua Walker and recovery for a touchdown by Joseph Blom.

The Raiders ran a successful option play to Damone Garrison for a touchdown but a holding call negated the score which proved to be a major blow.  With that touchdown taken away, the Raiders did get in the end zone one more final time when Victor Sanders punched it in with 1:33 left in the contest which proved to be the final score, 19-13. For all scores click here.

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In this contest, the Raiders got on the board first with a 58 yard run by Davonte Drakes in the second quarter (7-0). For the most part, this game was about possessions... both teams struggled to hold on to the ball nor move the ball on consecutive possessions.

In the fourth quarter, the Jets pinned the Raiders deep in their territory caused a fourth down. The Raiders prepared to punt the ball but Dwight Johnson had a plan of his own. Mr. Johnson rushed in, blocked the punt and recovered it and ran it in for a touchdown. We are just not sure how Mr. Johnson was able to not only block the punt of the Raiders but also simply grab the ball off of the foot of the punter and ran it in for a score. This fantastic play took play early in the fourth quarter tying the game at 7.

The Raiders capitalized later in the quarter on a change of possession and was able to move the ball slowly down the field and with 53.6 left in the game they were able to pound the ball in for what proved to be the winning score 14-7.

But the Jets were not giving up. With left than 40 seconds left in the contest, coach Anthony called a slant which caught the Raiders off guard and the receiver ran the ball in to the end zone for over 60 yards. With everyone in green and white cheering, we all missed the fact that the Jets had 12 players on the field. This eliminated the tying touchdown and the Jets were unable to duplicate that effort. Final score 14-7. For all scores click here.



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