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Will-Cook Playoffs

by Prez Ro
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MATTESON - What a weekend! First off, Madea Nature treated ALL football fans with some wonderful weather featuring bright skies and dare I say it... NO RAIN!

Also, we would like to to thank the folks over at Chicago (Hales Franciscan) and South Holland for all of there hospitality. Now, on to the games...


In the first game of the playoffs, the Cardinals took on the Lions. Not sure where to start, but I must mention Tyian Miller. Mr. Miller had 105 yards rushing yards on 2 carries and 2 touchdowns in the first quarter. The Cardinals secured the lead early and never let go including a 60 yard pass plus three long runs. Mr. Miller finished the game with over 175 yards rushing.  Final score: 40-0.

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In the second game on Saturday, it was Eastside vs. University Park. The Bulldogs picked up where the Cardinals left off in the first game jumping out early and scoring often to knock off the Lions. The Bulldogs offense accumulated over 200 yards of offense and their defense held the Lions, not only out of the endzone, but to less than 80 yards. 
Final score: 33-0.

In the Sunday matchup, between Matteson and South Holland, it was all Jets. Jaleel Mason got the Jets on the board first with a 43 yard sprint, followed by a 28 yard run by Greg Boyd Jr. Mr. Boyd also scored again about 5 minutes later on a quarterback keeper (20-0). The Bears were able to get on the board in the fourth quarter on two separate quarterback keepers closing the gap to 26-13, but they were unable to stop the Jets who scored one more time on a 45 yard run by Jahreal Williams. Final score: 33-13.

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In some cases you would call this an upset, but in others, you would simply say both team are evenly matched as the Eastside Bulldogs took on the Chicago Cardinals. Both offenses were explosive during the regular season and the 4th ranked Cardinals piled on 152 points while the Bulldogs had 133. On the other side of the ball (defense),  both teams played very stingy only giving up 73 (Bulldogs) and 83 (Cards) points. In a previous matchup, the Bulldogs won, but in double overtime (week 4). In the end, the number one Bulldogs lost  this playoff game but not without a fight.

The Cards' scored first on a hard run by Khalil Clanton (7-0). The 'Dogs responded on a busted play by Jonathon Ward who streaked down the field for the score. Extra point was no good (7-6). Then right before halftime, the Cards tossed a 55 yard pass for the score and the lead (14-6). In the second half, the Bulldogs struck first with a short, powerful run by Daquan Bell. Extra point was no good (14-12). From this point on both teams battled back and forth - neither  able to score, but with 2:30 left in the game, the Cards' snagged an interception to seal the game.  Final score: 14-12.

Sunday's JV game between the Jets and the Lions proved to be all Jets...  Darshon McCullough scored first on a 50 yard sprint in the first quarter (6-0), followed by Brandon Johnson, who scored right before the half (13-0), and concluded with another touchdown by Mr.  McCullough, when the Jets were set with a fourth and long with 50.4 left in the game. Final score: 20-0.
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In the final contest on Saturday, it was a repeat game between  Eastside and Chicago. This game was only a repeat in name alone.  These two teams met in week 4 where the 'Dogs won 9-0
in a very hard fought game.

The first half  was similar to the previous game, in which both teams played tough as nail defense, keeping each other out of the endzone (0-0 at the half). In the second half, the 'Dogs made some adjustments and got on the board first with a hard run by Marshon Hayes (7-0).  On the next possession the Chicago fumbled. Eastside recovered and put the ball in the end zone on their next offensive possession - extra point was no good (13-0). From here, the Cards' turned to their staple offense, A-10. Unfortunately, they fumbled on the ball back to the 'Dogs in this formation and Eastside recovered the ball in the end zone (19-0). The Bulldogs were able to score once more, but unfortunately, emotions ran high in the fourth quarter and lots of pushing and shoving took place at center field resulting that the referees call the game at 4:57 mark.

NOTE: All games reported are available online.

As we all know, there is no room in sports for this kind of behavior. As I'm writing this, there are several stories developing and being researched and reported on violence in and around youth sports.

Bay Area football

Violence in Youth Sports

Fighting at Youth Football

GOOGLE search for Youth sports fighting

But, I must say, the folks in the Will-Cook league, along with the officials, handled the situation perfectly. Final score: 26-0.

On Sunday, the varsity game put the Bears in front of the Jets. Earlier in the season (week 4), it was all Jets 26-0... can lightning strike twice against the Bears? Yeah sort of... the only score in this game came on a fumble recovery by the Jets who were able to scoop up the ball and run it in for a touchdown in the first quarter. The Bears had a number of opportunities to advance the ball but were not able to capitalize on field position as well as turnovers. Final score: 6-0.

SPECIAL NOTE: This is the first time in South Holland organization history where all four of their teams are in the championship games. CONGRATULATIONS JET NATION!!!

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