Coaches Corner!


QUESTION OF THE SEASON:  What encouraging words do you tell your team (athletes) after winning a BIG game?


Marion Coach.JPG

Coach Anne Basic – Marion Catholic
It's great that we won, but don't forget the will that it takes to win on game day should be the will to perform EVERYDAY.  Basketball is a game of performance, so get out on the floor and perform EVERYDAY!"

Coach John Maniatis – Hillcrest
"All it is going to take for us to be CHAMPION and WINNER WITHIN is TEAMWORK!"



Coach Brian Mays – Rich South
You guys are a good team, and when you do the things we are supposed to do, good things happen. When you are a champion, you have to play like a champion everyday because other teams are going to want to knock you down. Then I ask them two questions: (1) Which is the most important free throws? (2) Which is the most important game? They are to reply "THIS ONE!" Then I tell them "NOW TREAT IT AS SUCH!"


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